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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo, the City of Kings, Skies, Blues, Bullies, Zimbabwe's 2nd largest city after Harare. Home-base of the Mthwakazi nation founded by Ndebele assimilationist military leader and king, Mzilikazi, and named after the matriarch of the Aba-Thwa - the San. She ruled the territory now inhabited by the people of Mthwakazi. Mthwakazi is a non-governmental notion that embraces various language groups; Ndebele, Khalanga, Venda, Tonga, Xhosa, Sotho and others - Bulawayo is the hub of Mthwakazi.

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Video. Artists:Fly Boys. Track: Ngeke bang'thande. Genre: house/hip-hop. From: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Hip-hop music from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Artist: Dingi Cash. Album: Zenzanjani. Lyrics in Ndebele and English.

Comprehensive piece on the history of and current state and struggles of the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe, who today constitute about twenty percent of the population of the country. Well-researched piece.

Bulawayo music: Video - Artist: Khuxxman. Track: Vumelani Isangoma. Country: Zimbabwe. A celebration of Ndebele song and dance, this is a revamped folk-song from Bulawayo native, Khuxxman.

Bulawayo by night. Taken from Lapf House at Horizon Lounge. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

City Hall grounds and curio market. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Orphans play at Emthunzini Wethemba Shelter of Hope in Bulawayo. As the southern hemisphere winter approaches, clothing needs change; items of clothing in a decent state are always appreciated, as are donations of basic foodstuffs. Do you have skills, children's clothing or time to donate? In what way would you like to help keep Bulawayo's orphans warm this winter? Every bit helps.

"The road towards Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is decent, we can say that even very, very decent and there is almost no traffic."

Bulawayo, in then-South Rhodesia now-Zimbabwe.

Horned Rickshaw Man in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - then-Southern Rhodesia.I wonder what year this was.

Departures/Arrivals - Bulawayo International Airport :)

Bulawayo events: HipHop extravaganza in Bulawayo. It's Bigger Than HipHop3. Impressive line-up of Bulawayo artists. 1pm -7pm. AmaKhosi Theatre in Makokoba township. MC: P.O.Y, top Bulawayo hiphop artist. Free entry courtesy of Arizona Spur Restaurant.

Arts: National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo - The gallery prides itself on the range of ethnographic collections under its custodianship. These include ceremonial functions dating back to the 1900s. It also has a magnificent collection of stone, wood and clay sculptures as well as paintings which bear testimony to the rich cultural beliefs of Zimbabwe and Africa at large. The collections reveal a striking aspect of our cultural history since the time of human habitation on the Zimbabwe plateau.

Arts: The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo... "the unique thrust of the National Gallery in Bulawayo is its desire to dissolve barriers between art and its audience, to establish a consistent dialogue and intimacy. The personality of this gallery is embodied in its transparent windows in the Lower Gallery, which allow passers-by to view current exhibitions while going about their daily business."

Art Exhibition: Everyone Feels Beautiful by Samuel Fosso of Mali. 4 April - 12 May 2013. Venue: National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. Partner: Alliance Francaise De Bulawayo. At a young age, Fosso was forced to flee to Bangui, Central African Republic, where he worked as an assistant photographer. There he opened a studio and started taking self-portraits to send to his mother. Although his initial aim was to show he was alive, his interest in the genre grew and he experimented further.

Artist: Lovemore Majaivana. Track: Sayiwela. Majaivana is one of Bulawayo's greatest music icons. Now retired, his songs from the 70s and 80s continue to hold a special place in the heart of those from the City of Kings.

Comedy: Bulawayo-born comedian, Carl Joshua Ncube live in his Homecoming show in Bulawayo. Friday 26 April 2013 at the Sibson Hall, Academy of Music. Tickets on sale now.

Bulawayo arts: "One Bulawayo, One People, One Festival. For one week, on one site, in one township, in one city, happens one festival. Siyaya Arts & Its partners invites you to 7-days of first class music, dance and theatre performances in the historic Bulawayo township of Makokoba. 15th edition takes place 17 - 22 December 2013. Explore the world of arts in this celebration that has something for everyone at every level.

Event Management: "SoulDeep Event Management and Planing, Sound, Light and Stage Hire. Based in Bulawayo, we do all the hard work while you look on and approve. We offer the strategy, creative development, marketing and hosting of events such as Celebrity entertainment concerts, Expos, Product launches etc. All this is catered for in various forms of media and action such as, press tours, print exhibits, and website design." Tel: +263 772 963 611 or +263 776 982 975. Twitter @SoulDeepEvents

Bulawayo publishing: amaBooks is a small independent publishing house based in Zimbabwe's second city of Bulawayo. We are passionate about good creative writing and strive to give a voice to the Zimbabwe story. We publish novels, short stories and poetry, with a few local history and culture titles.

Event Management: Decor8 Events - specialists in all aspects of event planning and organisation; weddings, parties, cocktail functions, corporate launches, funerals, graduations - all manner of events.

Bulawayo Easter entertainment: "Bulawayo here is your Miller Easter program. Come and be part of it.....lots of prizes and give-aways, not forgetting PLENTY of ice-cold Miller on special ALL NIGHT!" 4 parties in 4 venues in 4 days with lots of 4-times cold-filtered MGD. 28 March 2013 @ The Lounge. 29 March 2013 @ Walkers Pub. 30 March 2013 @ Horizon Pub. 31 March 2013 @ Sports 747. Turn up the night!

Bulawayo entertainment: "Turn Up The Night at the Miller Easter Sunday Barbeque - Sunday 31 March 2013. It's Miller Time, with DJ Pasee & Friends @ Sports 747."

"The queen, Dudu Manhenga is an absolute gem and pride from Bulawayo. She has developed her brand into a formidable and reputable force on the Zimbabwean and international music scene. Yes, She Is Bulawayo."

Bulawayo Culture Festival - @ByoCultureFest - 26 & 27 April 2013. Picture: Busi Ncube - Awards and accolades can NOT express how much of a positive and traceable contribution Busi Ncube has made to the colour, scope, depth and appreciation of Zimbabwean music locally and internationally. Yes, she is Bulawayo!

Black Umfolosi are an internationally acclaimed multi-discipline performing arts group specialising in harmonic acappella singing and traditional African dance, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The original members have developed their skills and their organization to a point where the now 18 members provide a multitude of services in the performing arts industry in Zimbabwe and internationally.

Black Umfolosi. 32 years on and they're still the leading light in Traditional Zimbabwean Music on the commercial stage, internationally. They've performed for a capacity audience of 74000 in Canada, the Queen and numerous other prestigious events. They have taken Imbube to Scotland, Wales, England, Spain, France, Australia, USA, Canada, Estonia, Germany and continue to travel. They are BLACK UMFOLOSI. See them LIVE - 27 April 2013. YES THEY ARE BULAWAYO.

Bulawayo Culture Festival - youngest, freshest world music and dance festival in Southern Africa. 26 & 27 April 2013. National Art Gallery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Twitter: @ByoCultureFest

Ndebele beads, Bulawayo

Bulawayo. Photo by Des Stella Goldhawk 4/1/2013.

Street, Bulawayo residential area. I love the colours here.

250 million, 300 million, 350 million, phuck 10 jillion dollars - we're rich! Not quite lol. Zimbabwean bearer cheques, now discontinued as the country uses mostly US dollars as well as SA rands.

Matobo National Park, just outside Bulawayo: These teetering tons of old stones are all over the place, and I've decided that having a crash helmet to hand when out and about in this countryside is quite an advantage, safety-wise. #Zimbabwe

... Bulawayo is a very pleasant place... [with] the layout of a typical mid-west US town, wide streets & a grid formation, low rise buildings, ample parking, a spacious City Hall & public parks all around... And there's plenty to see further afield; Picture: On the way out of Bulawayo to Matobo NP is this sign. The first I'd seen in Africa bearing a traditional regional name. #zimbabwe #matopo #matobo

Sizamile Gumbo is one of 305 beneficiaries of the AgriTrade credit scheme by Zim-AIED, which avails credit to traders who purchase from rural smallholder farmers. She got her loan in 2011 through MicroKing, one of 3 financial institutions disbursing funds in partnership with Zim-AIED. The other 2 are CABS & Trust Bank... “We do not have most of the crops in large quantities in Bulawayo, yet we need them. So I... trade them,” says Gumbo. “This is my contribution to food security...” May 2012

Bulawayo Music Festival 2010. Outside the Academy of Music where the music festival is held every 2 years. Zimbabwe.

The Bulawayo Music Festival, founded in 1997 by energetic classical music aficionado Michael Bullivant, is an unmissable 2-yearly event.  With a varied programme featuring both serious and light-hearted elements and catering for many tastes, it has strong emphasis on classical music, but there are more contemporary options as well.  Many children participate in some of the major concerts and in the Academy of Music grounds over the five day event. 24 May 2012.

King Mzilikazi Day set for Sept 2012 in Indianapolis, USA: The 2nd greatest southern African military leader, King Mzilikazi of the Northern Ndebele in Zimbabwe is to be remembered for the 3rd year running by Zimbabweans in the US. King the founder of Mthwakazi nation which then became Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Bulawayo -Zimbabwe - Africa.

Mthwakazi is named after Queen Muthwa who ruled the San... Their history is recorded in rock-paintings all over Matebeleland... Sibundula of the Sibanda clan took over next followed by Mambo of the Lozi & Moyo totem, then Queen Nyamazana, the great Swazi general... She was followed by Mzilikazi, the most notable king to rule Mthwakazi. Under him Mthwakazi became prosperous... Lobengula took over next, but at an unfortunate time, when colonial power was devastating. Bulawayo -Zimbabwe - Africa

A day of blue skies in Bulawayo aka, Skies, Blues. Lovely. Zimbabwe - Africa.

Drive through the city of Bulawayo - September 2011. Part 2. Zimbabwe - Africa.

Drive through the city of Bulawayo - September 2011. Part 1. Zimbabwe - Africa.

Bulawayo Synagogue. Jewish faith. Zimbabwe - Africa.

The result of the great co-operative work being done by Binky Newman and Frances Potter ( New Basket Workshop), the local women at the Bulawayo Home Industries (once a productive centre of handcraft.) in Zimbabwe are again producing fantastic traditional woven baskets. #bulawayo #basketry #homeindustries African baskets - weaving - traditional crafts

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    OMG!!!!!!! Those baskets are phenomenal!!! They're breathtaking ( I just had such a reaction ). I love the supple appearance which make them unique. I'll probably visit this site often.

Learn Ndebele: YEBO lo CHA (Yes & No) - Part 2. Also, how to say thank you using a person's family name or surname. Also learn how to say 'I'm sorry', 'Excuse me', 'I love you' and others. Brought to you by Ntando of Ndebele is the main language spoken in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. African language.

Ndebele Folk-Tales - INGANEKWANE - Umvundla LoSilwane [ Hare & Lion ] as told by uGogo uMakhalisa. Brought to you by Ndebele aka Northern Ndebele of Zimbabwe is a break-away group of the Zulu nation - the languages retain great similarities although the group of 300 that left the hills of KwaZulu Natal picked up other influences (Sotho, Swati, Tswana and most recently Shona), as it moved north to its home-base of Bulawayo. (African language)

Albert Nyathi is often referred to as Zimbabwe’s “premier performance dub poet”. Born in Kezi in Matabeleland South close to Bulawayo into a cattle-herding community, he mastered traditional praise poetry at school. He wrote his own plays & poems, inspired by the national freedom struggle... He later became influential within the student union and often spoke at rallies. Nyathi performs in both English and Ndebele & is popular locally & internationally. - African poetry -praise singer.

Albert Nyathi, foremost Ndebele praise-singer to emerge in the modern Mthwakazi nation, performing at Motherland Zimbabwe. #albertnyathi #praisesinger #Bulawayo

Albert Nyathi performing his praise-poem, uMzilikazi. He begins by touching on the link between the Ndebeles and their Zulu forebears. #albertnyathi #imbongi #mzilikazi Bulawayo Zimbabwe Africa

Zimbabwe's own Cake Guru: Majelita Fidler makes the most amazing cakes in Bulawayo... and Zimbabwe? She calls it "simply confection perfection!" Yummy cakes for all celebrations. mailto:majelitafi... | skype: majelita.fidler #bulawayo #cakes #highlanders #bosso

Zimbabwe's own Cake Guru: Majelita Fidler makes the most amazing cakes in Bulawayo... and Zimbabwe? She calls it "simply confection perfection!" Yummy cakes for all celebrations. mailto:majelitafi... | skype: majelita.fidler | #bulawayo #cakes #weddings #cakeguru

Royal Sunflower: This place right here satisfied my foodie cravings on a daily basis. The must-have item on their menu is the chips loaded with vinegar and salt plus the Russian sausages. Talk about downright delicious! Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa #food

Eskies to close down? - Eskimo Hut & their ice cream have been part of the Bulawayo food scene for so long that its almost impossible to consider Bulawayo without it. Foot Long hotdogs & Wimbledon Wonder Icecreams washed down with slushies.... No childhood was complete without those... So it saddens me to hear that they are contemplating closure. I am told there is a petition going around to try and save it. 2012 (Email protests/thoughts to mailto:colanne_es...). Zimbabwe, Africa

King George VI Centre for Disabled Children - a residential school for disabled children in Bulawayo. It is the only school of its kind in Zimbabwe. It follows the normal school curriculum up to O Level and encourages independent living so that each child can do as much for themselves as their disability will allow.

“High Court #Bulawayo all wrapped up” for Zimbabwe Independence 2012 celebrations (18 April). By @nqobani_nyathi

Rainbow Blaze Marimba Band Musicis an innovative marimba band started in 2000 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by a group of young men interested in creating a new type of music. Today Rainbow Blaze has 7 artists who create, produce & perform music for a wider market regionally and internationally. Together they have created and gained a name for themselves with their unique style... African music - marimba

Bulawayo native, Makho's track, City Bulawayo mostly in the Ndebele language. www.reverbnation..... African music. Zimbabwe, Africa

Take a drive through Bulawayo's town and a couple of suburbs. May 2011. Zimbabwe, Africa

Wikipedia entry for Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Bulawayo aka the 'City of Kings', 'Skies', 'Bluez', 'Bulliesberg' or 'KoNtuthu ziyathunqa' – a Ndebele word for 'a place of smoky fires'. It's a multicultural city with most residents able to speak 3 languages (incl English, Ndebele, Shona, Xhosa, Kalanga, Sotho, Nambya, Tonga and Venda). The majority of the Bulawayo's population belongs to the Ndebele ethnic & language group, who descend from a 19th century Zulu migration and are a minority in Zimbabwe.

Artist: Johnny Clegg. Track: Scatterlings of Africa. Country: South Africa. Note scenes of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (and city surrounds) where the video was mostly shot.

“As motor sport is rejuvenated not only in Bulawayo but throughout the country and beyond, race organisers are expecting a record number of competitors, with close to 30 drivers anticipated for the series launch,” says spokesperson of the Bulawayo Motoring Club (BMC), Leonora Young. March 2012.

Bulawayo Motoring Club event at the Breedon Everard Race Way. 2011. Zimbabwe, Africa

Bulawayo Motoring Club event at the Breedon Everard Race Way. 2011.

Bulawayo Motoring Club event at the Breedon Everard Race Way. 2011.

Bulawayo Motoring Club event at the Breedon Everard Race Way. 2011.

Breedon Everard Raceway in Bulawayo where motor races are held. Length: 3 478km. Turns: 8. GPS Coordinates: -20.108611 28.570278 #motorsport #racing #cars

Bulawayo Motoring Club. I love that spear and knobkerrie :)

Hlekweni marked Graduation Day for the third timein 2011, with over 54 trainees graduating in Building, Carpentry, Early Childhood Development (ECD), Agriculture, and Sewing and Garment Making (SGM). Pictured are three of the ECD graduates, Simelobuhle Nkomo, Sithabile Sithole and Petronella Ndlovu. Families and friends of the graduates attended... Dec 2011.

Hlekweni, Training Young Zimbabweans for Self-reliance: Hlekweni, "the place of laughter” was founded in 1967 as a response to problems facing young primary school leavers in the late 60s unable to go on to secondary education or find employment. Training in appropriate rural skills was hoped to assist them... and help uplift rural life generally.... The education Hlekweni offered was not for jobs but for living... Watch the 5-minute informative film - March 2012.

Alliance Française de Bulawayo: Alliance Francaise is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the study and the use of the French language, as well as the appreciation of culture. Alliance Française has been active in Bulawayo since the late 1940s.

Matopos National Park, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo opens beer halls to worshippers: The Bulawayo City Council is studying a proposal to turn idle beer halls into places of worship in a bid to contain the environmental hazard posed by open-air churches. ...the council has been clamping down on church groups worshipping in the open with no access to toilets and running water. Now councillors are considering new proposals to convert council beer halls which shut down during the economic dip over the last decade into church halls. 04/12

LunaPads; Periods, Politics & Personalities - Emily Wilson, a volunteer with the Sexual Rights Centre in Bulawayo writes: "...for many women & girls sanitary wear remains a luxury... After talking to women who benefited from the first donations, it became clear that reusable cloth pads were the most practical, culturally relevant & sustainable option." Picture: Bulawayo Polytechnic students involved with 'Say What!', a youth/student organisation focusing on reproductive, HIV & Aids issues. 2011

Vanavevhu – Children of the Soil provides support and advocates for child-headed households in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. Incorporated in Illinois in 2007, the organization is beginning its third year of operations. The first child heads were welcomed to Vanavevhu in early 2010 and were joined by a second intake in April 2011. A third cohort will enter the program in early 2012.

Dominican Convent School is the oldest school in Bulawayo, established in 1895. The School is committed to the education and development of the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and socially.

Dominican Convent Primary School provides an English medium, Catholic education for the girl child in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture requirements. Special facilities available at school include an art room, sewing class and a top of the range Internet connected computer lab. Pictured: pupils at assembly in the school hall. www.conventprimar...

Library at the Dominican Convent High School.

Dominican Convent High School, Bulawayo, the first school established in Bulawayo in 1895. conventhighbulawa...

Dominican Convent is the 1st school established in Bulawayo in 1895... The objective was to provide Primary and Secondary education for settlers in Bulawayo. On 28 October 1895 Sisters Sebastian Hill and Pancratius Webster opened the first School in a wood and iron chapel with 10 pupils in attendance. By January 1896 enrolment had risen to 70. Today enrolment stands at 510 students and 43 teachers. The school is one of the finest in Zimbabwe. conventhighbulawa...

St. Mary's Cathedral, Bulawayo: Priests and Religious - Presbytery of diocesan priests. Convent of AMR Sisters, the local diocesan congregation. Convent of Dominican Sisters of the Sacred Heart. At present made up of 6 Zimbabweans and 4 Germans. Masses: Sunday - 8.30 am, 10am, 6.00 pm. Mon to Sat -6.30 am. Tue & Thu - 5.15 pm. Friday -1.10 pm All Masses celebrated in English except Sunday 10am which is in IsiNdebele, local language.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Bulawayo: Foundation stone laid and blessed on 25 March 1903. Extended in 1957. Centenary celebrations: 3 August 2003. 1930 – 1990 administered by the Congregation of Marianhill Missionaries (CMM). Institutions: Dominican Convent Primary School. Dominican Convent High School. Established in 1892.

Catholic Archdiocese of Bulawayo Ndebele Prayerbook - Ugwalo Lwemikhuleko Lezingoma (available for download). Find also, Izingoma zebandla & Ukukhuleka (imithandazo) such as Hail Mary (Ekuhle Mariya) and others in Ndebele. www.bulawayoarchd...

Catholic Archdiocese of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Diocesan Feastday:   The Immaculate Heart of Mary   The Independent Mission of Bulawayo, separated from Salisbury Prefecture, was erected 23 December 1930 and confided to the Mariannhill Missionaries. On 13 July 1932 Bulawayo was raised to a Prefecture Apostolic and became a Vicariate Apostolic on 13 April 1937. www.bulawayoarchd...

Heir to Ndebele throne found? THE heir apparent to the Ndebele Kingdom lives in northern South Africa, according to shock new research. His name is Ngwalongwalo Mzilikazi Khumalo, born in 1938. History enthusiast Colls Ndlovu, claims to have also found the grave of Nkulumane, the first son of King Mzilikazi, who had a brief reign as Ndebele King & has long been thought to have been killed on the orders of his father. 2010.

The Project isdedicated to those who want to LEARN to speak Ndebele at no charge. Videos available for easier learning. Whether you want to learn a new & beautiful African language, revive your knowledge, better communicate with in-laws, friends, teach your children their mother-tongue, is just for you.

PoetryBulawayo seeks to give poets (writers and performers) a platform. It gives poets who would have died writing for the closet or performing in the shower a platform to excel. Under the banner of Poetry Bulawayo is written poetry, performance poetry, hip-hop and other forms of spoken word.

Intombi Zomqangala present their new 2012 show, Bhowesa Nkazana (You GO GIRL!) A highly energetic dance musical, Bhowesa Nkazana traces the development of a girl from early traditional period where roles were designated according to gender. Through music, song, dance and drumming that traditional period is explored with it’s rich cultural aspects whilst highlighting the lives of young girls during that period. Ndebele, Shona, Venda and Sichewa dances are performed. intombizomqangala...

Sandra Ndebele: Born & raised in Bulawayo, Sandra is a bold vocalist, actor and dancer whose style and character will not disappoint. Sandra’s creative prowess was realized at Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo, where she was involved in theatre, music and dance. She is a sought-after artist & continues to tour locally & internationally. (Aside: Controversy follows her, though, as some question the cultural authenticity of some of her racy dance moves.)

Intombi Zomqangala is a group of young women aged 16-30 years. It was formed by Bulawayo musician/dancer Sandra Ndebele & advocates for culture preservation while empowering young women with various talents. The name Intombi Zomqangala comes from a traditional Ndebele instrument called Umqangala (Breast Calabash) which was used by young women back in the day. All group members play the instrument. Picture: Kinder Kultur Karawane 2011, German Arts Festival. intombizomqangala...

Radio Mthwakazi FM is a Zimbabwean community radio station operating from South Africa. It was founded in 2010 to enhance community cohesion in the Mthwakazi nation. The project earned it’s name from the historical kingdom of uMthwakazi that was founded by Inkosi Mzilikazi kaMatshobana in South Western Zimbabwe in the 19th century. It is an ethnically neutral name that engenders unity & has kept the people of this region glued together for the past 2 centuries. www.radiomthwakaz....

Chipangali Visits Schools in the Western Suburbs: Since the creation of Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, one of the goals has been to provide educational material and be an educational facility for Bulawayo and its environs. In early March Chipangali decided to take the program to the schools rather than the schools coming to us, this we have never done before and proved to be very successful. 2011.

Chipangali is a haven for wild animals with little hope for survival in the wild – perhaps orphaned, abandoned, injured, born in captivity or brought up unsuccessfully as pets. It is often the last refuge for those brought in, and increasingly it is a sanctuary for confiscated animals. Chipangali is not a zoo. The centre is now world renowned for its pioneering work and is famed as one of Africa’s largest and most successful wildlife rehabilitation/release centres.

I went to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, an annual event that used to be the highlight of the year in Bulawayo. I remember walking around the grounds & halls collecting useless brochures & sun visors, eating loads of ice-cream & candy floss & topping it off with a visit to the Luna Park... in the meantime the Fair was overtaken by changes in the Zimbabwean economy I thought it would be a good place to take the temperature of the economy... May 2011.

President Robert Mugabe at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) held annually in Bulawayo. (2011)

In 1960 in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, God revealed himself through his chosen host, Taxwell Tayali, after he departed from the body of Mai Chaza, in whom he had previously been incarnate. He founded Guta Ra Mwari (which means 'City of God'). Guta Ra Mwari is an intensely spiritual religion in which illnesses and troubles are cured. Here Taxwell Tayali's autobiography, with added biographical material, is presented by his daughter, Hellen. Bulawayo - Zimbabwe - African religion, spirituality.

Bulawayo residents converged at Guta raMwari church in Lobengula suburb (the incumbent Mayor Thaba Moyo’s place of worship) for a divine service to commemorate the 68th anniversary of Bulawayo’s attainment of city status. ...every year a civic & divine service is held at the incumbent mayor’s church on a Sunday near the 4th of November. Guta raMwari, with over 1000 members in Bulawayo alone, has 2 churches in Bulawayo – 1 in Lobengula and another in Mpopoma suburbs. November 2011.

Elder and Sister Bean, missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & Country Directors of Humanitarian Services for Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia, present donations to Mayor Thaba Moyo.

Durban Mayor, James Nxumalo, (left) and Mayor of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, Thaba Moyo, strengthen relations by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. (October 2011). Picture: presentation of Bulawayo coat of arms.

A woman crosses a Bulawayo street.