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Todo pasa por algo.

beautiful quote in a beautiful language, feeling pretty proud of myself that I could translate the majority of this without my dictionary handy.

The Eeveelutions by purplekecleon.

Eeveelutions by purplekecleon.Yes. I had a mage with familiars based explicitly on the Eeveelutions. And yes, jokes were made about her being a Pokemon trainer. - That sounds awesome though lol XD

alltogethereevees_by_creepyfish-d71s0jj.png (780×1158) #Pokemon #Eeveelutions

Eeveelution print set textured) - Thumbnail 1 ~ i LOVE this Pokémon, it's my favourite tattoo idea?

Anime y mas

This has to be the best Pokémon Fan Art I've seen yet, even though I don't like the Eevee evolutions (Eeveelutions). This is some awesome art!