Square Foot Gardening

I'm reading How to Grow More Vegetables, the latest edition of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE gardening movement. I have to read Square Foot Gardening, too. How else will I figure out what's the best for my space? *Nichole by missworthx

kids find area of their name!

Buggy for Second Grade: Homophones, Area, and Rocks Oh My! Kids find the "area" of their names

Area/Perimeter with Legos

lego area & perimeter--This would be a fun way to get the students involved in math to learn about area and/or perimeter. All you would need is some legos and graph paper.

cheez-its for teaching perimeter and area

Teaching Perimeter & Area Using Cheez-Its. Pinned at Needling Grace: Spring Fever, Lockdown, and Student Work

Perimeter...students were given graph paper and told to decorate their name like graffiti. Then they boxed around it and found the perimeter by adding the units on each side.

Have students "graffiti" their names on grid paper, draw a rectangle around it, then calculate the perimeter. This makes it more personal and fun for each student.

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