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"Polatems" (Pots,plates, totems)  My husband always says "What will she think of next"!

"Polatems" (pots, plates, totems) birdbaths, bird feeders and planters.

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Rat terrier... WANT!

Sophie Jean's sister says: Sophie Jean is my parents' rat terrier. She's a great deal of fun. A wee bit of a 'terrierist' at nine weeks old, she loves to play fetch with my father every morning.

Parson Russell Terrier :)

Parson Russell Terrier puppy- Just like my baby boy Dexter but he has one black eye.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Obamas will be welcoming the "first puppy", a Portuguese water dog, on Tuesday! Read more about Obama's puppy below. The Obama's Portuguese water dog will


The Pumi’s trademark is its ears, which make it appear always alert and very lively. The ears are high-set and the tip flops down. The ears are covered with longer hair than the rest of the body which gives it a goofy appearance.

Burmese cat

Love to cuddle soft, fuzzy kittens? There are fluffy cat breeds that stay that way into adulthood!You know when you see photos of fuzzy kittens looking so soft