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Wildlife spotters in the Midlands

We're tracking the wildlife that's been spotted at our places, we'd love to see what you have spotted and where. Send us your photos using #ntmidlands or email them to and we'll add them to our board.

185 Pins

Wildlife spotters in the Midlands

  • 185 Pins

Can you spot the stag? Gabriele Neher did at Calke Abbey on 19 October

This lovely looking species is a Shaggy Pholiota taken in the Peak District by Mark Leah on 19 October

This unusually shaped fungus lives at Lyveden New Bield and was photographed by Marie Porter on 21 September

Also on 19 October, Gabriele Neher took this image at Calke Abbey

This fungus was spotted at Calke Abbey by Emma Olechniewicz on 19 October

Thanks to Valerie Palmer Avison who photographed this Dragonfly at Clumber Park on 21 September

This beautiful fungus is called Amethyst Deceiver and was seen in the Peak District by Mark Leah

A rather dramatic image capturing Glistening Inkcap mushrooms by Mark Leah at Fullwood Spinney at the end of August 2014

This Oyster mushroom was taken in Fullwood Spinney in the Peak District, August 2014 by Mark Leah

The Peak District is home to lots of different species of fungus and this one, called Honey Fungus was also taken by Mark Leah

This beautiful fungus is called Amethyst Deceiver and was seen in the Peak District by Mark Leah

Fungi at Lyveden New Bield sent by Marie Porter on 21 September

Valerie Palmer Avison took this dragonfly image at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire on 21 September

Volunteer photographer, Jill, captured this meadow brown butterfly on the Gunby Eryngium (sea holly) this week. Visit us to see what wildlife and interesting plants you can spot at Gunby Hall and Gardens.

Golden Poppies are the state flower of California. However, these beauties can be spotted at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire. 26 June 2014

This almost fully fledged Peregrine Chick and has been spotted. Thanks to the team at Shropshire Hills for sharing this on their Facebook page this week_ W/C 23 June 2014.

Our volunteer Ornithologists and Jana Melichar spotted these Barn Owl Chicks one evening last week at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. W/C 23 June 2014

Tiny cranberry flowers are also adorning the Dark Peak. Thanks to Carl Hawke for this picture. 5 June 2014

Have you been able to spot some of this pretty Heath Bedstraw whilst out on the Peak Moors? Thanks again to Carl Hawke 13 June 2014.

Thank you to Carl Hawke for this picture of a Latticed Heath Moth. This was spotted whilst Carl was out in the High Peak area on 13 June 2014.

Burnet Moth on Scabious plant in the shrubberies at Croome, photo by Tracey Blackwell.

An Iris spotted at Packwood by Lucy Teagu

Beautiful Peonies at Attingham Park, spotted by Isobel Evans.

Dicentra at Calke Abbey, by Rachael Oliver

Common Catsear meadow flowers, spotted at Wightwick Manor by Isobel Evans

Beautiful Gardens at Gunby Hall, photo taken by Sue Whitehead

Pink Foxglove taken at Attingahm Park by Isobel Evans.

Beautiful Lupins taken at Wightwick Manor by Isobel Evans.

Red admiral caterpillar spotted by Mark Leah at Fulwood Spinney, Peak District.

Peacock caterpillars spotted by Mark Leah at Fulwood Spinney, Peak District.

Green dock beetles, spotted by Mark Lea at Fulwood Spinney, Peak District.

Ermine caterpillars spotted by Mark Leah at Dale Head, Peak District.

Common spotted orchid, spotted by Mark Leah at Edale End, Peak District.

A Hummingbird Hawk Moth, a visitor from North Africa. Spotted at Gunby Hall Gardens.

And here's its mate! Helen was unable to take a picture of them both together but what a fantastic opportunity to see such natural beauty. Longshaw Estate, Peak District. Helen Bingham 19 June 2014.

This fantastic Stag was spotted on our Longshaw Estate, Peak District last week. Thank you to Helen Bingham for this great picture. 19 June 2014

The beautiful walled garden borders at Attingham Park. Thank you to Isobel Evans for sharing this photo with us.

A real life bambi. Thanks to Bo Chetwyn for sending this gorgeous little fawn from Calke Abbey.

Burnet Moths spotted near the church at Croome by Tracey Blackwell.

Swallows reading our Near You newsletter at Lyveden New Bield

Lupins and Delphiniums are adding an array of colour to the landscapes at Upton, Warwickshire. Thanks again to Jana Melichar for this fantastic picture.

Feeding time for these blue tits spotted last week at Charlecote, Warwickshire. Thanks to Jana Melichar.

Mike Averiall, volunteer at Croome, caught this stunning photo of a four spotted chaser in the early days of June.

It seems this Cephalaria at Croome is a really tasty flower for bees. Thanks again to Tracey Blackwell for this nature spot.

Small copper butterfly enjoy the weather on the this ox eye daisy, taken by Tracey Blackwell at Croome early June.

Tracey Blackwell at Croome spotted this swan family day out this week.

Carl Hawke also captured this tree pipit enjoying the sun at Clumber Park on 15 May.

What a balancing act! This four spotted chaser was photographed by our very own Carl Hawke at the limeyard at Calke Abbey a the beginning of June.

Known at Hanbury Hall as an organic snail management tool, this frog was seen jumping 8" high to get on top of their parterre hedging.

Berrington Hall's boathouse is fitted with a motion camera to see who comes to visit, last week this otter and her cub were picked up in the daytime for the first time, the otters normally visit at night so it's exciting to see such a clear photo.

This bright damselfly was spotted at Lyvden New Bield in Northamptonshire last week, thanks to Ralph Thompson for the great photo

These Moorhen chicks have been spotted by at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire 29 May 2014

This Green veined White is taking a rest on this Cuckoo Flower. Thanks again to Simon Barker for this picture taken whilst at Attingham Park 06 May 2014

Great picture of a Reeves Pheasant taken by Simon Barker whilst at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire 29 April 2014

Thanks to Simon Barker for this pic of Adder's-tongue fern spotted whilst at Farnborough Hall, Oxon. 23 April 2014

These blackbird eggs have been spotted at Attingham Park, Shropshire 26 May 2014

Thanks to Suzi Guy who spotted this pair of Mandarin Ducks at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. 22 May 2014

Cotton Grass is growing up on South Head Moor, Derbyshire. Thank you to Mark Leah for this picture taken on 15 May 2014

This small Tortoiseshell on Common Vetch was spotted by Charles Robinson this weekend whilst out walking in Tissington, Peak District. 18 May 2014

Ducklings and Goslings are on the lake at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. 18 May 2014

Red Campion. This little pinky-red meadow flower is often found in the wild growing in woodlands and in the verges of country roads. This was spotted by Charles Robinson at Tissington Thorpe Pastures, Derbyshire 18 May 2014

Wow, Fullwood Spinney, Peak District is looking almost magical! Thank you for Mark Leah for this fantastic shot taken on 09 MAY 2014

Tissington Thorpe Pastures is adorned with pretty flowers at this time of year. Thank you to Charles Robinson for these Germander Speedwell. 18 May 2014

A Mallard nest next to the River Noe, Derbyshire on 13 May 2014.

Pretty meadows at Tissington Thorpe Pastures, Derbyshire. Thanks to Charles Robinson for this picture of Mouse Eared Hawkweed, Herb Robert and Black Medic. 18 May 2014

Charles Robinson has been out and about again, this time spotting meadow Saxifrage at Thorpe Pastures, Derbyshire. 14 May 2014

Thank you to Mark Leah for the picture of this Oil Beetle spotted on Pike Low, Peak District. The ideal habitat for oil beetles species is wildflower-rich grassland.12 May 2014

Tawny Owls Nesting at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. This photo was taken with guidance of the British Trust for Ornithology, a rare and exciting chance to see nature at its best. Please always be mindful of nesting birds and don’t disrupt them. Thank you to Jana Melichar for this picture. 14 May 2014

Signs of new life are making an appearance at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. Thank you again to Jana Melichar for this picture of the lovely goslings. May 2014

Fields of gold or in this case, Buttercups! Thanks to Jana Melichar who pictured this scene whilst at Charlcote Park, Warwickshire. May 2014

Look at these beauties. Thanks again to Jana Melichar for this fabulous pic of the ducklings at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. May 2014

Jana Melichar has sent in these fabulous shots of the ducklings at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire spotted at the beginning of May.

Thanks to Joy Margerum, a warden at Attingham Park, Shropshire for these buttercups. A little ray of sunshine across the lawns. 16 May 2014

A swarm of honeybees found in Goslings Croft orchard in the park at Hanbury Hall. The team were able to introduce the colony into a hive. Facebook 11 May

Maybe the term busy bee should be busy bird! The Great Tit chicks in this nest box are being fed 48 times an hour, wow! Can you imagine feeding your young that many times an hour? Wenlock Edge in Shropshire via facebook. 16 May

It’s not just humans who enjoy tea-rooms, these ducklings enjoyed their wander around Hanbury Hall’s outdoor tea-room facilities earlier this month. Facebook 8 May

This clematis is covering walls with flowers at Croft Castle. Sent in by facebook 11 May

Bee swarm! Honey makers at the ready at Croft Castle. Via twitter, 15 May

This great panoramic image shows just a small area of the Hardwick parkland. Come and enjoy it!

The Hawthorne is in full bloom at Hanbury Hall right now 15 May

Here's a fantastic shot of a male Mandarin duck spotted by Charles Robinson whilst on his walk at Wolfscote Dale, White Peak. 11 May 2014

Early Purple Orchid. As the name suggests the Early Purple is one of the earliest flowering orchids, appearing from April to June. Thank you to Charles Robinson for spotting sight of these whilst out walking in Wolfscote Dale, White Peak. 11 May 2014

Mountain hare (Lepus timidus). Here's a picture of a young Leveret our Dark Peak Estate Team Supervisor, Steven Lindop, came across on the moors recently . Unlike their smaller cousins, the rabbit, hares live all of their short lives above ground. Leverets spend all day alone, lying in shallow depressions called forms. They will stay perfectly still hoping to avoid detection relying exclusively on their camouflage for protection. As you can see from the picture, it is rather good. 10 May.

The fragrant Wild Garlic is out in bloom at Kedleston, Derbyshire. Thanks again to Carl Hawke for this picture taken on 07 May 2014

Although this Hornbeam Tree has fallen, it is still living. The Hornbeam is a member of the Birch family. Thanks to Carl Hawke for this pic, spotted at Kedleston, Derbyshire 07 May 2014.

Here's another seasonal wildflower, Meadow Saxiflage. These flowers generally grow on damp, lime-rich, lightly grazed, unimproved grasslands and banks. Thanks to Carl Hawke for spotting these whilst out and about on the Hardwick Hall Estate, Derbyshire. 06 May 2014.

Carl Hawke, our Wildlife & Countryside Consultant has been busy snapping yet again, this time at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. Lovely picture of some crab apple blossom. 06 May 2014.

The Ashy Mining Bee or Grey Mining Bee is a European species of the Sand Bee. These were spotted on camera by Carl Hawke on 30 April whilst visiting Calke, Derbyshire.

The Orange-tip is a true sign of spring, being one of the first species to emerge that has not overwintered as an adult. The male and female of this species are very different in appearance. The more-conspicuous male has orange tips to the forewings, that give this butterfly its name. Thank you to Carl Hawke for this great shot, taken at Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. 30 April 2014.