Kadek Bagus Susanto

Kadek Bagus Susanto

seneng punya pengalaman bru hhehe...
Kadek Bagus Susanto
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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (Geek Edition) – 27 Pics

This printer concept captures visuals and scent to print postcards that preserve the scent of the moment. Could be cool reminder after conference: delegates receive postcard with quotes of keynote and smell of conference lunch!

Ammonite washbasin

Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin Want your home’s bar to be wet? The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell.

Fotografía de Sølve Sundsbø.

Sølve Sundsbø series of Patterned models Fashion Photography.photographer Sølve Dramatic Experiments With Shadows On Skin.is a London-based (Norway-born) photographer whose highly stylized shoots bring an experimental edge into the world of high fashion.