Tree spotters

After the news that our Scots Pine at Cragside is the UK's tallest, we got to thinking about what other special trees we look after. Here's just a few.
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This champion Scots Pine at Cragside is the UK's tallest at 40 metres. That's the height of a stack of ten double decker buses

Cragside Estate

After the last ice age 10,000 years ago, forests covered this area. About 7,000 years ago the climate changed and got wetter so peat began to form. In some places, the preserved remains of trees can still be found under the peat.

Marsden Moor Estate

The wild cherry here could be the oldest of its kind and it’s a monstrous specimen. It’s currently trying to ‘layer,’ and if it’s lowest branch makes contact with the ground, then the tree could grow for several more centuries.

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden

Planted to mark the bicentenary of the United States in 1976 at the ancestral home of George Washington, the coastal redwood has soft spongy bark and branches that hang low forming a natural den. In America it’s known as the ‘punching tree’ as thanks to its soft, fibrous bark you can punch it hard and still feel no pain!

Washington Old Hall

Standing tall and proud in the centre of the wild garden, the lime trees are a popular place to sit and relax.

East Riddlesden Hall

This common oak has a significant scar from when it was hit by lightening. Amazingly the tree has recovered

Beningbrough Hall & Gardens

The golden pippin apple tree in the orchard, better known as the wishing tree, is covered in hundreds of colourful ribbons. Thought to have magical, spiritual or healing powers, lots of people return year after year to add another ribbon.

Nunnington Hall

At nearly 300 years old the hall’s spectacular weeping ash was around in the time of the Delaval family. Now in its dotage, its limbs have had to be propped up, but in autumn its leaves turn a stunning gold.

Seaton Delaval Hall

See if you can find the tree carved for Death Comes to Pemberley when it was filmed here in 2013

Hardcastle Crags

Recently chosen as the UK's best tree for climbing - the Nootka Cyprus tree at Wallington

Saved from

This tree starred alongside Kevin Costner in 90s classic Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves, and well loved by locals and visitors alike

Saved from

This Rowan tree must have one of the best views in Yorkshire, perched atop Castle Rock

Brimham Rocks - Harrogate, North Yorkshire