Second Darkness

Inspiration and maps related to Second Darkness, Paizo's adventure path in which drow rise to threaten the surface world. My gaming group is playing through the…
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an advertisement for the upcoming video game, based on steampunk's medieval era
Celwynvian | Rise of the Runelords 3.75
Celwynvian: The ancient capital of the Elves of Golarion, located within the Mierani Forest.
an illustration of a demon with glowing eyes and large, black horns on it's face
Akata, one of the monsters from Second Darkness.
an image of a fantasy city by the ocean
six blue dice with white designs on them
Dice for Pathfinder's Second Darkness campaign.
an image of a fantasy city with lots of lights
Zirnakaynin, courtesy of Paizo.
a man riding on the back of a horse
the pass by sandara on DeviantArt
a woman dressed in armor and holding a lantern
The largest online art gallery and community
Drow in the City by =keelerleah
an image of a female character holding a bow and arrow
Drow (4e Monster)
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