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The chariot is about believing you know where you're going and how you'll get back. Momentum. Do I or don't I do this? 7 takes what we love and seeks to create paths to get MORE of it. It also seeks to collaborate as the facilitating force to destiny. Dream and ideal scenarios envisioned. KEY WORDS: Victory, Self-Assertion, Hard Control :

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25/7 represents the "coupling" of opposite forces uniting, carrying, and leading 7 to its' "goal". 25/7 is known as "the alchemist". 7's hidden power, secret knowledge, crusade, gain through mastery, perfection, silence, independence, are represented here. 7 separates intent from purpose to create "the vision" (Gemini) and the path (Libra/Pisces) to get there and back using intuition, detection. KEY WORDS: Energy, passion, adventure, impulsiveness:

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34/7 is the "spiritual" psychic as "path" to the other worldly. 34/7 gains through perseverance, creative imagination, responsibility, steady effort, perfection, and independence. 34/7 (and 43/7) are the most intuitive. 34/7 (43/7) needs time alone to be introspective. It is most non-conforming. KEY WORDS: Action, air travel, movement, swift change, communication:

16/7 is about the "light" guiding 7 home, and the spiritual force "fixing" the broken vessel. It is the karmic vibration of 7. With the 16/7, no sooner do you get up - the rug is pulled out from under "the noble"; the "faulty tower" is the "light" calling 7 to order and truth. 7 must fix what it has broken - 7 uses "psychosis/psychology/psychiatry" to heal as 4 (Soul) +3 (Spirit of Expression). KEY WORDS: Sudden Change, Downfall, Revelation:

12+ 17/8+ (2+0+1+2)/5= 34/7, Tarot Key Eight of Wands Kabbala Netzach: 3 +17/8+ 5 = 25/7, Tarot Key Knight of Wands Kabbala Netzach: 3+ 8+ 5=16/7, Tarot Key The Tower Kabbala Netzach: 1+6=7, Tarot Key The Chariot Kabbala Netzach: VIBRATIONS: 16/7, 25/7, 34/7, 43/7, 52/7, 61/7, 70/7, 79/16/7, 88/16/7+: KEY WORDS: Dreams, Path, Analysis, Imagination, Decision, Vehicle, Movement:

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