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Teaching Wishlist

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Stuff I want for my K-2 class and my Sunday School class! Some are small but needed in large quantities... some are big time wishes!

Also seeing dish soap as a necessary ingredient in some crafts recently... one I found today uses a couple tablespoons white glue, a couple drops dish soap, a tiny bit of food coloring, and glitter to make window clings. Want to try this as well... Link to craft:

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Found a great craft using glue and shaving cream... mix equal amounts white glue and shaving cream, make a puffy paint that dries 3D. Can hardly wait to try it! Might see if adding a little food coloring will work, too, to make spring-themed pictures. Link to craft:

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ALL my students - Kinders, 1st, and 2nd graders - would love this! Easy to start, easy to care for... Sea-Monkeys! :)

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