Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower area delicious alternative to mashed potatoes!

Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Delicious Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower is a great alternative to mashed potatoes! Not as an alternative to mashed potatoes because when I want mashed potatoes that's what I make. Does look like a yummy way to make cauliflower though!

Egg Custard, perfect bariatric food!

Egg Custard. Perfect bariatric food

It's the perfect food for a bariatric post op. Cold smooth creamy, protein rich and easy to digest. It has been the light for many right after surgery. (Swap something in for the Splenda)

Sweet potato and Chickpea Puree dip.  Superfood recipe.  Comments suggest more spices, less oil, more garlic, and maybe some lemon.  Good base to experiment with.

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Puree

Try this vitamin- and phytochemical-rich sweet potato puree as a dip with crackers. Recipe: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Purée

vanilla egg custard

Post op Help - Purees & Soft Foods - Begin to Use Protein for Healing

Purees & Soft Foods - Begin to Use Protein for Healing A great article from Bariatric Eating to help you with the pureed and soft stages!

Carrot and Parsnip Puree - Martha Stewart Recipes.  Made this tonight and it was quite good. Easy, too!

Carrot and Parsnip Puree

Change up your side-dish repertoire with this pretty puree of sweet parsnips and carrots. Serve just as you would mashed potatoes.

15 minute meals Spicy Seared Scallops & Pea on It's a Keeper

These Spicy Seared Scallops with Pea Puree are perfect to add to your list of 15 minute meals! They are restaurant quality but easily made at home!

Eggs Blindfolded Over Garlic-Cheddar Grits |

Comfort Food Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Blindfolded eggs are a short-order cook’s version of poached eggs. The Garlic-Cheddar Grits in this recipe make a comfort-food-worthy bed for the perfectly cooked eggs.View Recipe: Eggs Blindfolded Over Garlic-Cheddar Grits

Pinto Bean Puree

Pinto Bean Puree

crockpot refried beans - " Besides the wonderful flavor & the ease of preparation, they’re also fat-free, high in fiber and a good source of protein. You can’t go wrong!

Low Carb high protein key lime pie

Low Carb High Protein Key Lime Pie

How would you like to get 15 gms of protein in 74 yummy calories? Yeah, me too. So this seems to have been dessert weekend for me. After I "failed" my cheat day by getting sick on too much sugar, I.

Food As Medicine - A Collection of Pureed Soup Recipes @JeanettesHealth #healthy #cancer

Creamy Cannellini Bean Soup

A Collection of Pureed Soups {Curried Cauliflower Potato Soup and Creamy Cannellini Bean Soup Recipes} - Jeanette's Healthy Living

Sleevers refried beans

Home-made Refried Beans

I listed a crockpot beans recipe. Those beans aren't really fried, they are just wonderful-tasting beans cooked in a crockpot. If you're craving that velvety smooth texture that true refried bean.