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Risty Nurtyarti
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Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes | YUMMY! :9

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Gelee and Strawberry Mascarpone frosting. Yum :) I like the frosting from this recipe.

my future partner. insyaaAllah :')

my future partner.

Strawberries:  nutrition is in redness! anthocyanins (incredible antioxidant) protect heart + anti-inflammatory properties protect against cancer. Loaded with vit C + manganese. Good sources of dietary fiber, iodine, potassium, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B5, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin K, magnesium,  copper

Wintering Over a Strawberry Pot. Because strawberries grow readily in containers, many gardeners opt to plant the tasty fruits in strawberry pots for a convenient harvest. Strawberries planted in a strawberry pot will grow and thrive.