Vietnam Market Baskets

Vietnam Market Baskets ::: ready for the sell. Large baskets down to small.

Beautiful antique #basket!!!! 22 in long x 16 in wide x 14 in high.  Probably a baby basket.... such a large size, I don't think it could support the weight of a lot of melons, maybe smaller size veggies or other produce.

HUGE Old Antique Appalachian Primitive Folk Art Woven Melon Baby Basket

Shelton Sisters Basket; probably Forsythe County, North Carolina, late 19th/early 20th century, bentwood frame with finely woven oak splints brunk

Shelton Sisters Basket, North Carolina, late century, bentwood frame with finely woven oak splints.

Margaret's Square, one of my favorite baskets to make from my favorite basket teacher!