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    Jessica Goodson
    Jessica Goodson
    Jessica Goodson

    Jessica Goodson

    • switzerland • germany • usa

    reveller in all things slightly askew that jump-start my imagination.

    LIFE by sebas and clim. music by aimar molero.

    our eyes at the edge of the solar system. photo from new horizons shortly before its flyby past pluto

    stellar near death experience and preview of a forthcoming supernova

    electronic items by guillaume kurkdjian

    the smaller sized range, coming april 20, 2015

    the appearance of aged metal using cold casting post-print

    37 mandarin phonetic symbols used only in taiwan

    more font pairing with examples. typefaces appear to be a limited selection from google and adobe typekit

    banana + goldregen + fat ass border + up-down-left-right typography