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I couldn't believe what they sent my daughter so I signed up and look! I would dfeinitely do this again, because I can't believe how easy it was to get so much stuff in the mail just by going to Lifescript. THey always ahve the best samples too
Teen outfits
19 cute outfits for teen girls I am loving
This is super cute for my girls although they are not nerds! Outfits-with-Converse-Sneakers-for-2013-for-Women-by-Stylish-Eve_17.jpg (598×598)
Cool !So nice ! you can have the same item from and you can buy 1 pair,it is ok .$82.99
Cute picture I didn't look at all the rest but I love the first picture it shows above.
Navy blue classic skirt, nice white tee, and brown flats. Could wear to work when I need to be a little dressier.
Teen outfit sorry again Caitlin I copied your MOA board I'm just really excited to go:)
Custom Disney-inspired shoes.
25 Creative Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls