“7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Pull-ups!” by James Barnum

"7 Reasons Why You're STILL Struggling With Pull-ups!"


10-Minute Workout for Defined Arms | Healthy Living - Yahoo Shine

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10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Workout

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Use this recipe if a cold comes your way.

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"I tell all my patients this at physical therapy! Homemade Ice packs: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it. every athlete (or mom) should pin this!"

One Good Thing by Jillee
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Pinner said:No sinus infections in the house for years. When we get stuffed up we get relief in under a minute, and it doesn't settle or move into the chest. Inhale it from the bottle, or put a few drops on a tissue or cotton swab to carry around/ sleep with. When it is all of us I put 20 drops or so with a cup or 2 of water and simmer on the stove for a few hours. That also prevents colds from spreading(anitbacterial and antiviral). One person I know puts it in her vacuum when she vacuums.

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Make your run free of pain! Running Rehab program from MountainLand Physical Therapy. Includes printable exercise instructions to help with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee, and hup bursitis. http://www.mlrehab.com/run #running

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Sunscreen-Worst & Best

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