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three computer screens, two laptops and one mobile phone are shown in front of a white background
Garage de l'Est
New website of Garage de l'Est, the Renault Dacia dealer located in Junglister, Luxembourg. Two main principles : the car is the hero, and the intuitive way to contact the team. Welcome on board ! http://www.est.lu/
two laptops, one with the word city on it and another with an iphone
Homepage - CityMag
Website of City, the new official magazine of Ville de Luxembourg. Developed for Ville de Luxembourg and Maison Moderne, it is fully responsive and meets the AA level accessibility requirements.
the first plug - in - star logo is shown on a dark background with lines and dots
Firis - 3D mapping as a service
We are pleased to present you our work for FIRIS, a start-up specialized in all-in-one wireless firing solutions to create world class fireworks, for whom we have developed Brand positioning, full Corporate Identity and website : http://firis-system.com/.
a woman sitting at a table with a bottle of juice in front of her and the words j'pour on it
Introducing J°Pour, a new generation of raw cold-pressed juices for which we have proudlly developed the Brand positioning, Brand & packaging designs as well as the website. Discover J°pour now on www.j-pour.com
three men and two women are cutting the ribbon at an event with other people standing behind them
Nvision is the proud sponsor of CVCE Europa Quiz. You think you know best about Europe and want to defeat your friends? Play now and win a lot of great prices. http://www.europaquiz.lu/
a blue sign that says nvision and brand & organization
Nvision welcomes you with its brand new signboard
an image of a christmas tree in the snow with a sign that says let's share discovery our recycled christmas trees
Creation for enovos, by Nvision; www.ecard2015.enovos.eu
a woman smiling with the words let's connect emotions in 2013 on her face
nvision - a brand and digital creation company
Let's connect emotions in 2015 ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Nvision team.
a large building with many windows and signs on the side of it that say happy 1st
Today Nvision turns 15! Thanks to all of you, who had been or still are involved in this exceptional story!
an image of a website page with the words un regard different sur l'expertise compatiblee
Fiduciaire LPG Luxembourg
Creation for LPG by Nvision
a bottle of beer with santa claus and other cartoon characters around it, in the snow
Creation for Bofferding, by Nvision - Digital action 'Message on a bottle' for Christmas 2014-2015 - Dites-le en Bofferding
an image of the back side of a computer screen with many different images on it
Rosport Life | www.rosportlife.com
Creation for Rosport by Nvision - Unified packaging range, new iconic bottle crate, brand identity creation and guidelines, national poster and print campaign, full digital platform and 'Source of Life' movie
Making Off the movie "The Source" By Sources Rosport - Luxembourg Films, Film, Movie Tv, The Movie, Movies, Tv, Ads
Making Off the movie "The Source" By Sources Rosport - Luxembourg
a black horse standing next to a stone wall
Rosport Life - the backstage
a black and white photo of a horse's face with the eye looking straight ahead
Rosport Life | www.rosportlife.com
New Tv commercial is live now on www.rosportlife.com