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Herb growing and usage guide
Herb growing and usage guide
Herb growing and usage guide
Herb growing and usage guide
Learn to grow herbs for their culinary, therapeutic or ornamental qualities. This guide explains how to grow more than 350 herbs in your garden, with almost 3,000 photographs and information about their common and historical uses.
a brochure with lots of bird houses and birds on it's sides
Build a bug hotel that will attract beneficial insects to your yard or garden
a blue and white bird sitting on top of a tree branch with a piece of fruit in its mouth
The Wildlife Benefits of Acorns and Oaks - The National Wildlife Federation Blog
Watch your head! It's already raining acorns in some parts of the country, and squirrels aren't the only ones going nuts. Find out why oak trees are a wildlife favorite.
the garden is full of flowers, plants and other things that are growing in it
By Texas Wildscapes...heat & drought tolerant garden that attracts birds & butterflies.
a poster with different types of writing on it's sides and the words written in each
INFOGRAPHIC: Why are my plants turning yellow?
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a bird sitting on top of a yellow flower next to a green background with the words attracting birds
Welcome birds to your yard with these tips!
a bee sitting on top of an orange flower with its eyes closed and head turned to the side
Take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge - The National Wildlife Federation Blog
National movement to save pollinators launched! Why you and your garden are essential.
a small raccoon standing on its hind legs next to a table in the grass
Not a Bird! Unexpected Bird Bath Visitors - The National Wildlife Federation Blog
Photo Album: Unexpected Bird Bath Visitors
a hanging ornament with many different items on it
How to Build a Bug Hotel from Recycled Plastic Bottles
a close up of a tortoise on the ground with trees in the background
Magazines | National Wildlife Federation
Gardeners can play a role in nurturing box turtles.
three baby raccoons sitting on top of a tree stump
How to Keep Wild Raccoons Wild - The National Wildlife Federation Blog
They are adorable, but please keep them wild! Here's how.
a small blue bird with a worm in its mouth sitting on a twig branch
Welcome to Garden for Wildlife Month! Tips & inspiration to make your yard wildlife-friendly.
a black and white bird with a piece of food in its mouth sitting on a branch
Chickadees Show Why Birds Need Native Trees - The National Wildlife Federation Blog
Native plants support good insects that birds need to feed their young. Here's why.
three children standing in front of a bulletin board
Students at NYC Eco-School PS 361 in front of their "We Love Earth " bulletin board. Display was created by Ms. Goldberg (Speech and Language Specialist).
a woman in purple shirt and black vest picking flowers from plant with green leaves on it
Magazines | National Wildlife Federation
Gardening Tips for Seniors -- Exercising their green thumbs helps seniors reap mental and physical rewards.