My mom passed away two and a half years ago. She used to send my brother and I cards whenever she went away on business trips and she’d sign every one the same way. I got this at Curious Tattoo in College Park, Maryland. Ryan did an amazing job reproducing my mom’s handwriting. I could not be happier with the way this turned out and I am excited to have a piece of her with me at all times.

This girl got a tattoo of her mom's signature after losing her mother. If I ever got a tattoo, this is what I would do from the last card my mom gave me.

Saatchi Online Artist Sara Riches; Collage, "Take Me Away" #art

Take Me Away Collage by Sara Riches

I want to recreate this: Saatchi Online Artist: Sara Riches; Paper 2013 Collage "Take Me Away"

Patrick Palmer

Crying Lightly - Limited Edition 12th of 20

OTHER DESIGNERS USE OF COLOUR 'Saatchi Online Artist: Patrick Palmer; Oil, Painting "Crying Lightly" uses sad colours that make the viewer feel emotional. It is an interesting use of oil paint

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... It burns all different colors! :)  holy freaking cow so neatttt

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer photo op. light a dandelion on fire. Way cool picture!