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Little Lions

Share a pic of your little lion striking their best library pose, Patience and Fortitude style! (Don't forget to tag it #NYPLLittleLion)

Little Lions

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There are no complexities here, Napoleon is a gorgeous little lion! #NYPLLittleLion

Sometimes we just don't have enough words to accurately describe an awesome little lion, like this adorable little one. #NYPLLittleLion

McCoy doesn't need to do any research on perfecting the look and attitude of our lions. We're impressed! #NYPLLittleLion

It stands to reason that with a name like Archimedes, this little lion inspires greatness. #NYPLLittleLion

Minnie has taken the role of #NYPLLittleLion very seriously. And we appreciate her enthusiasm.

Paul Newman and his surly cat. With a face(s) like that - we couldn't resist sharing. Anyone for some ice cream?

Cleopatra is a regal little lioness; sitting on her regal throne in front of her own personal library. Rather like her namesake.

Meet Ron. Ron lives in St. Paul. Yet, even he knows how great NYPL's lions are and demonstrates the perfect little lion pose.

Tabitha's kitty catches the sun in what looks like a great chair for reading a great book. #NYPLLittleLion

Pico el Gato is well on his way to little lion excellence. It's important to start the library learning young! @evbirch #NYPLLittlelion

Ava knows a good reading nook when she sees it! #NYPLLittleLion

Sweet dreams to Mya, who knows a good book when she sleeps on it. #NYPLLittleLion

Patience and Fortitude support this polydactyl teeny, tiny lion, named very appropriately ... Thumbs! #NYPLLittleLions

Beautiful boy Bill captured in a moment of thoughtful repose, as one often finds oneself when at the Library. #NYPLLittleLion

Look, lovely little lion bookends! (Not for sale, you'll have to visit our Library Shop for that) #NYPLLittleLion

Addy gives everyone her serious face, since she takes libraries very seriously! #NYPLLittleLion

Pandora opens a box of books and cuteness ensues! #NYPLLittleLion

With snow threatening here in NYC, Wylie's jaunt across snow-capped lawns shows he is a stoic little lion, just like NYPL's own. #NYPLLittleLion

Sherlock is one dignified little lion. Oh my. We can't even pun elementary, we're so impressed. #NYPLLittleLion

Susie's little lion Fleur downloaded another e-book from NYPL. "READ" indeed! #NYPLLittleLion

This little lion has not only the pose, but the attitude down cold! #NYPLLittleLion

Another fun Caturday post to go with our Little Lions!

Last week's Caturday...This drawing from the late 1800s originally ran in a book of nursery rhymes, and is now in our Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection. It illustrates a story about a crooked man, with crooked furniture, a crooked window, and, of course, a crooked cat. It’s perfectly weird - happy Caturday!

How precious is this. This little lion looks so cute but somewhat peeved by its new do. Let's see your little lion's most outrageous haircut! #NYPLlittlelion

Lion Cuts for Cats

This cute little lion steals the show from Patience and Fortitude, don't you think? #NYPLLittleLion