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    Chris Short

    Linux Systems Engineer, Security Engineer, Open Source Software Fan, Florida Gator, USAF Veteran, Husband, Father. Views/opinions are solely my own.

    If you don't have a treat, I'm going to sleep...

    DIY Painted Black & Teal Blue Vintage Phone Secretary Desk with chalkboard paint message area - love this!! #furniture #house #home #decor

    Socks Are the New Hoodie: A Startup Reinvents Swag - Want these IFTTT socks!

    The Select-A-Date New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle..... Cool idea for birthdays..

    Florida Gators 2014 NCAA Women’s Softball College World Series Champions Pullover Hoodie - Royal Blue

    The brightest star in the sky creates a rainbow smear as its light is refracted through our atmosphere in this long-exposure portrait

    This is what happens when you don't raise your kids right. This woman is unbelievable. Wife's temper tantrum cause Her Husband Won't Take Her to Lake

    Chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic. Grilled, topped with mozzerella, basil leaves, tomato (or roasted red pepper). Drizzel with balsamic glaze - Like a caprese salad made better :)

    Bike Seat Pack XT With Tools - Timbuk2 Bags

    Oreo killed it last night during the Super Bowl power outage with this simple tweet; here's how they did it.

    When you mess with the bull you have to be ready to get the horns.

    “Current employers of people who like Racism” [mostly “ironically”, of course]

    OpenCompute stands to revolutionize every datacenter. But, how long will it take for it to become the norm?

    Faulty Sprint cell phone location services have made Wayne Dobson's home the starting point for lost cell phone searches and domestic dispute calls.

    Because the stuff you do privately might not be as good as the stuff you share publicly.

    According to one survey, Tumblr beats out Facebook in the 13-25 year old age group.

    Weird but surprisingly interesting.

    Yay! Updates that might fix a problem I occasionally have observed.

    Soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap around faucets. Wait an hour and wipe off.

    Revealed: NSA targeting domestic computer systems in secret test | Politics and Law - CNET News

    UPS Guy Steals iPad Mini from Front Door

    Baby: The other, other white meat.

    The backlash over Instagram's new terms of service is quite remarkable. I don't use the service that often but, I'd be inclined to delete my account if the clause about using my photographs without my permission doesn't change (yes, I understand it's a free service).

    Apple is trying to pull in as many sources of data for its Maps application as it can. How long until they start launching satellites in an effort to provide an end-to-end experience for its users?

    Nude Scarlett Johansson pictures - hacker blamed, but when will celebrities learn?

    This is why the US will win a cyberwar against Iran.