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Online Africa

Online Africa

We track and support Africa's Internet progress. Mobile too. <3 infographics!

Why empowering public libraries with technology is so important, especially in places like Uganda {EIFL}

African Tech Bits Episode 3: Gaming in Kenya, The Young Industry {iHub}

Where Facebook's users are coming from 2012 vs 2014. {statista}

Introducing the Innovators. Ready Set Rocket’s Director of Digital Marketing, Jonathan Lawoyin, travels to Nigeria to meet with the country's tech innovators.

  • mi-Fone

    This is great! Getting the chance to go to Lagos, Nigeria every few weeks and seeing this growth, and being part of it is awesome!

Mobile Payments in Africa. Data via the Pew Research Centre, 2013.

Dell's Solar Powered Classroom Project {Dell}

TECHAfrique, une initiative entrepreneuriale à la rencontre de l'Afrique 2.0 StartupBRICS {Samir Abdelkrim}

An infographic of social meda followers of South Africa's Web Africa ISP {Web Africa}

Waabeh: snapshot of its 1st year of African music streaming service {Ventureburn}

How Africa Tweets {Portland Communications}

BRCK, Ushahid, portable router, internet connectivity, off-the-grid devices, emergency contact, Africa, internet devices, portable internet,...

BRCK Eclipse Expedition to Lake Turkana, Kenya on Vimeo

African Internet exchange points {TeleGeography}

South African submarine cable map {TeleGeography}

African submarine cable map {TeleGeography}

How South Africa's Internet Works {MyBroadband}

The Launch of Project Hello World in Suleja, Nigeria {Projects For All}

The six most widely-spoken languages in Africa {eLearning Africa}

How to Provide Eco-friendly Solution for Africa: Samsung Digital Villages {SamsungTomorrow}

Ericsson employee David Muwanguzi moved back to Africa after some time abroad. He is now seeing the impact of technology in Uganda not only on the urban environment, but also on rural life. An Ericsson project provides early warning storm alerts, aiming to save lives around Lake Victoria. {Ericsson}

HP LIFE - A new Internet Cafe Business in South Africa {HP}

How Important Is High-Speed Internet in the Arab World? {WorldBank} #Egypt

South Africa Venture Funding Metrics 2013 {ventureburn}

Africa E-Learning Market Infographic {Docebo}