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    We track and support Africa's Internet progress. Mobile too. <3 infographics!

    Namibia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know - The infographic from My Destination takes a look at ten of the most interesting facts about the African nation of Namibia. Here are some of those facts about Namibia that you may find intriguing:

    Sub-Saharan Africa is Going Mobile {World Bank}

    African Economic Snapshot as of 2014. {Raconteur}

    Salaries of Sitting African Presidents, 2015. {Africa Review}

    Top Active Social Platforms in South Africa, Q4 2014. {Popimedia}

    Powering the Vast African Continent {Renewable Energy World Magazine}

    Prime rent ranking of 35 cities in #Africa. Infographic by @KnightFrank, @GalKnightFrank, @AfroDataCharts {2015}

    The True Picture of South Africa's Startups Revealed {Ventureburn Startup Survey 2015}

    Election 2015: Reasons Why Nigeria Matters To The World.

    Re-Dynamizing the Job Machine: Technology Driven Transformation of Labor Markets in MENA

    5 Million Readers on Mobile Phones {Worldreader}

    Somalia Internet Speed Appetite: Businesses Demanding Faster Connectivity {CCTV}

    With the help of computers, more students from Gakawa Secondary School in Nanyuki, Kenya are furthering their studies and advancing to University. The internet has allowed them to better understand how the world operates, empowering them to pursue their passions and become valuable assets for their country. {Microsoft}

    The Mawingu Projects brings Internet to Kenya {Microsoft}

    TV white space closes digital divide in Kenya {Microsoft}

    Internet Society took to the streets of Accra, Ghana to ask people how the Internet has changed everything. 2015.

    Dead or alive: The value of an elephant Infographic | Human Nature - Conservation International Blog

    Exploring Africa: why one size doesn't fit all {HayGroup, 2015}

    #Afropreneur: Pour que les VRAIES histoires africaines soient connues!

    Ampion Venture Bus - startups on the road to success

    The IAB SA and Effective Measure have collaborated to study the online behaviour of women in South Africa. {2015}

    Facebook and Google scramble to bring the internet to Africa {BBC Newsnight, 2014}

    Africa Internet Group Office Tour Yaba, Lagos

    Rise and Shine Rwanda : The Future of Broadband in Africa

    Mobile payment in Africa | Shift {DW, Jan 2015}

    Mobile phone usage explodes in Africa, spurring innovation {PBS NewsHour, Feb 2014}

    I have gone on a lot of Mission Trips but none in Africa! It's on my list! Michael really wants to go on a Mission Trip with me too:) hmm!

    Top 5 most active African cities on Facebook (based on # of daily posts from official Facebook pages)

    How Nigerian blue collar workers use their phones. {CcHUB}

    #Rwanda celebrates #GirlsinICT Day encouraging girls take up studies & c...

    M-Pesa's expanding footprint in Africa. {Business Daily}

    Mobile activities of blue collar workers from Lagos, Aba and Abuja, Nigeria. {CcHub}

    Top 3 social media platforms in Egypt & Tunisia, 2015. { / Northwestern University in Qatar}

    Madagascar’s tech-savvy youth put issues on the map {UNICEF}