Aquatic Animals

Some of the most magnificent animals live in the ocean. If one pays close attention, some of these animals can be seen on the Southeast Coast of North Carolina. How exciting would it be to see one of these creatures in their natural habitat?
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The Diving Turtle is a symbol of creation from the North American Indians, and is part of the inspiration for the Daliesque Earth Diver, original art-jewellery. Silver pendant & chain necklace with gold vermeil diving helmet and enamel.

Bottlenose dolphin, Bahamas

Wild bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the Bahamas. by Eric Cheng

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Not sure but this is most likely the female shark stumpy off the S African coast - she's grabbed the fake seal that is trolled behind the boat but she certainly catches quite a few real ones too

Anenome and orange fish

Hayman Island, Queensland- An orange colored fish surrounded by purple reef, nice pop of colors!

#Zimmermann Goes To... Bedarra Island, Great Barrier Reef

Colorful tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Reminds me of snorkeling in Hawaii

Baby whale!

Navy Killing Marine Life With Sonar and Weapons Testing

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Honeymoon option for sure! Love this place!

Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico


Flipping dolphin at sunrise. This is the only way we should be enjoying the beauty of these animals!