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Oak Alley Plantation is the Grande Dame of Louisiana River Road plantations! Our 1/4 mile alley of 300-year-old oaks, and our 170+ year old 'Big House' are the inspiration for movies, weddings, and dream vacations! New exhibit, 'Slavery at Oak Alley' is very moving, very educational. Topics: Historical Site, Civil War, Antebellum, Louisiana Plantation, Sugarcane, Slavery.
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Louisiana: Oak Alley Plantation

Under the shade of the oak alley. (at Oak Alley Plantation) -- Jordan Juliana

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Oak Alley Plantation

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Stunning photo shared by the talented Mr. Jeff Reese. Thank you so much!

Photo shared by the talented Mr. Jeff Reese. Thank you so much!

Photo shared by the talented Mr. Jeff Reese. Thank you so much!

“Making a way out of no way” is often the phrase used to describe this dogged self-determination, and the spirit it references has left some powerful slavery histories: Enslaved women forced to become concubines leveraged their position and acquired freedom for their mixed-race children. Freed men became the owners of their own family members, in an effort to keep that family intact. Not as obvious as open rebellion, such examples show enslaved people quietly attempting to better their lives...

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Gail, one of our historic interpreters.

photo by Adolfo Perez Alvarez

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