All About Oak Alley Plantation!

Oak Alley Plantation is the Grande Dame of Louisiana River Road plantations! Our 1/4 mile alley of 300-year-old oaks, and our 170+ year old 'Big House' are the inspiration for movies, weddings, and dream vacations! New exhibit, 'Slavery at Oak Alley' is very moving, very educational. Topics: Historical Site, Civil War, Antebellum, Louisiana Plantation, Sugarcane, Slavery.
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How many of you can guess where this photograph was taken on the plantation? #oakalley

New Orleans Oak Alley Plantation

Do you have the Bird of Paradise plant growing near where you live? #OakAlley

4 Key History Topics Visitors Learn at Oak Alley Plantation: French Creole life in Louisiana Slavery U.S. Civil War History of Sugarcane Farming #OakAlley

We call these "fox tails" and they're located in several places around the plantation. What do you call these and do you have any in your yard? #oakalley

Our crêpe myrtle plants are really beginning to pop now! How are yours doing? #oakalley

There is still much to be learned from history! #OakAlley

Kevin Hall of East Horsley Surrey UK shared this amazing photograph with us! These trees are surely rooted in history wouldn't you say? #OakAlley

Tour Beautiful Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana - breathtaking!

Our crêpe myrtles are blooming again! #oakalley

We love school groups at #OakAlley! We try to make the experience both fun and educational. Here Ms. Lacy is talking about French Creole life with one of our school groups.

Spring 2016 Photography Contest eBook Now Available to Download Our staff is constantly amazed and thrilled by the perspectives of the plantation that we fail to notice on a daily basis all the more reason to cherish the gift that these photographs represent. Our Spring 2016 eBook of this photography is now available for our fans to download for free and works on PC & Mac and tables from iPad to Android. The download link is near the bottom of this page. Congratulations to all of our winn...

Prior to the industrial age sugarcane was hauled from the fields to the sugar mill in railroad cars pulled by mules. #oakalley

A Simple Life - In The South

After some early morning light rain our trees are enjoying this beautiful sunshine! #oakalley

Louisiana: Oak Alley Plantation

Under the shade of the oak alley. (at Oak Alley Plantation) -- Jordan Juliana

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Oak Alley Plantation

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The weather has been outstanding! You should plan your next visit soon... #OakAlley