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two pictures with different types of dishes hanging on the wall and in front of them
DIY Salt Dough Ornaments and Easy Mobile
a chalk board with pictures and books on it
4 Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool This Year
4 Strewing Ideas to Consider for Your Homeschool This Year
a young boy is playing with some paper and magnets on a wooden table in front of an open book
Montessori Inspired Homeschool Room: Take A Tour - bruna masalin
a basket filled with lots of craft supplies
Child's Sewing Basket
child's sewing basket - happy hooligans
a basket filled with toys on top of a wooden table
Fairytale Storytelling Basket - The Imagination Tree
Fairytale Storytelling Basket~ Create a story basket full of storytelling props to retell favourite fairy tales together in a playful way! So easy to set up with items from around the house and beneficial for so many strands of early literacy development.- The Imagination Tree.
a book shelf filled with lots of books
waldorfinthewoods instagram
a bookshelf filled with lots of books on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Bonjour Bliss Roxanne West
Our Favourite Kids Nature Books Family Greenthumb Home Living Uncatagorized
a living room filled with lots of plants next to a window covered in potted plants
Best Homeschooling Room Ideas
Best Homeschooling Room Ideas
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to some crafting supplies
Why I Like Morning Invitations with My Kids
a desk and chair in front of a chalkboard with drawings on it, next to a small birdhouse
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two white desks sitting next to each other in a room
spring nature table ideas for kids and adults to enjoy in the sun, including eggs, flowers
Spring Nature Table Ideas
Spring Nature Table Ideas - A spring nature table is a space used for placing natural items that reflect the season. It is meant to be explored and used as a nature study-aid in the home. Nature tables are perfect for sensory development, imaginative play, and are often used in Montessori and Waldorf education. | #NaturalLearning #SensoryPlay #MontessoriLearning #WaldorfEducation