A Family Home Evening about the joy and satisfaction that comes from working hard. Includes Scripture, Song, Lesson, Activity, and Free printable chore charts for small children and older children.

2012 - Wk 15: Hard Work


Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? This is a free download to play with your friends & family! Great for a Young Women activity, or combined Young Men/Young Women activity, or even a Family Home Evening activity.

Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? Prospering Families


Teach Children to obey the commandments FHE lesson. An awesome object lesson where they balance a marble on a plate (which represents no boundaries) and a marble in a bowl (with boundaries). Really cool!

Our Family Blog


This is such a great Family Home Evening lesson and activity on RESPECT!

Family Night ~ Teach Them Some Respect! - Or so she says...


Missionary Tags - with names - download LDS printables, object lessons, activity ideas, and teaching tips at Mormon Share.

{ Mormon Share } Missionary Tags - with names


Fourteen fundamentals in following the prophet: Lesson materials | NathanRichardson.com

Fourteen fundamentals in following the prophet: Lesson materials


Life's Journey To Perfection: Favorite Christmas Family Home Evenings

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Symbols of Christmas Family Home Evening -- perfect for the month of December.

A Year of FHE: 2011 - Wk 51: Symbols of Christmas


Jesus the Christ - a family study project to bring everyone closer to Christ. Read the book in a year with FHE discussions each month. www.lets-get-together.com #LDS #FHE #family

Jesus the Christ: A Family Study Project


Blog dedicated to Family Home Evenings. This site even gives you treat ideas.



Things As They Really Are - FHE Lesson Printable. Lesson would also be really great for a YM/YW group, or even Relief Society. We could all use a reminder to think about our electronics usage more carefully. #overstuffedlife

Things As They Really Are - FHE Lesson Printable


how to make family home evening kits tutorial

How To Make A Family Home Evening Kit


I want to make an advent calendar for her next year since my mom always made one for us.

Christ-Centered Advent Gifts


FHE Lessons for Kids : this site has TONS of FREE printables and great lesson plans! Plus singing time helps...

Song Teaching Ideas | Teaching LDS Children


Christmas Lesson Ideas for the first of December really like the lesson titled "The Role of the Shepherds"

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FHE - The Living Christ Week 5


A Year of FHE lesson plans by topic: Inspired Words

A Year of FHE: Inspired Words


FHE ideas. The Zelmgid fable was my children's absolute favorite FHE. We made a tradition of repeating it at least once a year! I lost it in a move....SO happy to have it again. It also makes a great story time :)

How To Make A Family Home Evening Kit | Live Craft Eat


Everyone needs a friend. To have a friend, you must be one. Our ultimate friendship should be with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Savior has affectionately said, “I will call you friends, for you are my friends” (D&C 93:45). We must develop and live the qualities and attributes of Christ. NEW Church video and lesson suggestion on blog. #comefollowme #attributesofchrist

Attributes of Christ


Family Home Evening website

Family Home Evenings — Life Lessons Made Easy


.100+ Easy Family Home Evening Lessons

100+ Quick and Easy Family Home Evening Activities


Importance of the Sacrament Family Home Evening

Blue Skies Ahead: Importance of the Sacrament Family Home Evening


Family Home Evening Games and Activities

Family Home Evening Games and Activities


I’m so excited to share this family home evening lesson with you! It teaches what happened here on the American continent when Jesus Christ was born in Jerusalem. Using scriptural references from the Book of Mormon and the Bible your family will learn about the prophesies given by Samuel the Lamanite and the events that …

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Family Home Evening lesson on why we give gifts at Christmas. Very nicely done.

Why We Give Gifts for Christmas