A must-have desk organiser: 3D Printed Steampunk Geared Cube

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Although steam power isn’t what drives 3D printing, we were inspired by the gears and gadgetry of steampunk to hack these iPhone cases designed by Danny Tasmakis. Created on anObjet Connex multi-material 3D printer – and dolled up in bronze and silver — the interlocking gears work perfectly. See the complete design and 3D printing process in this blog post: 3D Printing Some Unique iPhone Covers!

Gear Junkies – 3D Printed Steampunk iPhone Case


Join us this week for a look at how 3D printing is a perfect fit for the bespoke nature of steampunk design - we'll be featuring the story of this 3D printed iPhone case with moving gears, finished in gold and silver, in a new post later this week.

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Insanely awesome steampunk 3D printed octopus vehicle! For the last several weeks I have talked about different things one can build with a 3D printer. The items I printed pale in comparison to this work of art by Sean Charlesworth who designed and printed this robotic beauty over the course of two semesters for his thesis in 3D modeling and animation.

Insanely awesome steampunk 3D printed octopus vehicle


Steampunk aesthetics, applied in a very helpful and practical way. Prosthetic legs created by Scot Summit using the power of 3D modelization and 3D printing technologies.With 3D printing, he can design prosthetics that are moving and personal body parts that help people take personal control of these intimate objects, with style.

Scott Summit's Beautiful Artificial Limbs - Sculpteo Blog


Set of 3 Steampunk Octopus Fridge Magnets Midnight Black 3D Printed Pendant Sculpture Wall Art. $29.99, via Etsy.

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3D printed steampunk dice set.

Steampunk Dice Set


k-Designer Steampunk iPhone 4 Cogs an Gears ase: 3D printed nylon with 8 color options. $59.99....i need an iphone like the rest of the fing world

Designer Steampunk iPhone 4 Cogs and Gears Case (in 3D printed Nylon) - 8 color options


Steampunk heart.

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