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Sunniva Krogseth

Sunniva Krogseth

If the idea of pop culture icons painted kookily in watercolour floats your boat, then you’ll probably be a fan of English gent Dick Vincent.

dick vincent illustrations

Michael Norton Exhibition: Postage Stamp Collages

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Croatian Lacemaker

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Mosaic Birds

Terence McKenna

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Elena Shumilova • The ears. An incredibly talented, self-taught photographer from Russia, who inspires the whole world with cute, beautiful, light spreading pictures of a childhood in a small Russian village.

35PHOTO - Elena Shumilova - Про Ваню...

I thought this was just too funny! Everyone who crotchets/knits has been there before...

The FBI Monitored a Young Christopher Hitchens
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OZ - Ogilvie. the art room plant

the art room plant

Vintage Inspiration: Thumbelina - by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Adrienne Adams (1961).

Thumbelina - illustrated by Adrienne Adams


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Photography Pages: Photograph Grandma for photography Board? photographer unknown Photo - NeoMexicanismos I love eveything about this picture. the mood, the strenght of the hands, the softness of the hair, the perspective, the angle, the fact that it is black and white.

A well traveled woman

I'm Alright But Not Quite

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The Most Disturbing Childrens Books Youve Ever Seen. Yes, I laughed when i saw this title. - more funny stuff:

The Most Disturbing Children's Books You've Ever Seen

The Stars are against me tonight by dkim

The Stars Are Against Me Tonight