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Anime : nisekoi Eu sempre odiei respostas mais do que perguntas. porque cada resposta final sempre sai alguém machucado. seja ele de um jeito ou de outro.

the most important part is in the end you know the truth.you are lucky because you know his answer.because many people like me.din't know his answer until I never see him.

sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

this relates to Babe more than anyone. She attempts suicide multiple times in the play and she is engulfed and controlled by guilt and misery,, until she later finds peace through the help of her sisters

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Her hand began bleeding again, leaving smears of blood as she turned over stone and wood and metal.

Anime picture, song quote

Anime quote << this is actually from a song called Mad world- Katt Asuna~

I look down as hot tears stream down my face. The doctor looks down at me. "I'm sorry" he says.

Be a guy or girl) I look down as hot tears stream down my face. My heart aches. It occurs to me that someone is knocking at the door. I wipe my tears and stop crying. "Who is it and what do you want." I say coldly