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Let’s see what I don’t leave home without whenever I leave for a new destination. #travel

A list of things I always carry with me whenever I jet off to a new European metropolis: presenting my urban and city travel packing list!

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The world is an astounding place. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life was like “back then,” but once you step foot in a castle, that all changes. I can’t believe these fortresses are still around today and that we can actually step inside and pretend

London Travel Tips that will Save you Money

If you are planning a trip to London check out these money-saving London Travel Tips! In the wake of Brexit, the Pound took a major dip.That’s why it’s time to travel to England (and get great exchange rates from the U. dollar) right

Dalmahoy Marriott hotel in Edinburgh

Dalmahoy Marriott hotel in Edinburgh

Artisan Roast, Edinburgh

I'm visiting three of the best museums in Edinburgh, and they're good enough that I'm willing to give up the Scottish sun for them.

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