I totally LOL'd!! The Legend of Zelda: A Fool’s Quest? [Comic] The ending oh my gosh XD

The Legend of Zelda: A Fool's Quest? [Pic]

Ghirahim's all like: SKYCHILDSKYCHILDSKYCHILDSKYCHILDSKYCHILDSKYCHILD And Link's all like: I'm so fucking done.

Hello here I leave the curiosities of ghirahim the god of the demons of the legend of Zelda knew tha

XD So I'm NOT the only one that thought that when playing the game!

The real reason for breaking the Twilight-Mirror - Twilight Princess - The Legend of Zelda

XD it's so true!!

It was disappointing when the sages didn't do much more than building a bridge.


Compare link and Zelda in the armor to the 2 main characters in fullmetal alchemist, You: HOLY SHIT-U