Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself.

Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. A jar Elmer's Glue Water Shake well!

56 things to do (go-to list when I am bored! Note to self)

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

things to do instead of spending money. I love having fun things to do that don't involve spending money!

Instead of photo albums, a place for all of the keepsakes!  Cute idea for those that travel.

Such a great idea! Keepsake box for each trip you take! Via This, That and the Other Thang I love this idea for making a keepsake box full of mementos and pictures from a trip, rather than trying to scrapbook everything

DIY Canvas with lighted this!

DIY Lighted Natural Wall Art To make such canvas besides lighted branches need a bundle of sticks

A large Letter with black and white photos mod podged on. So cute!!

a large letter with black and white photos mod podged on - This was probably my favorite project. Wooden letter at Hobby Lobby, black and white pictures on plain old printer paper, Mod Podge, sand. The best gift ever!

Magnets made of leftover coins from traveling. What a great idea!

DIY coin magnets (awesome way to use and display left over coins from your travels). what an awesome idea.I have change leftover from Hungary!

Make a "bar" sign out of wine corks

DIY wine cork sign for the bar! See more cheese and wine wedding ideas in the link.

photography lesson index cards

INDEX CARDS! photography lesson index cards- print and keep in your camera bag for craft photography tips! first 3 of a series.

fun idea!

Fun art project with the kids! Easy abstract painting that anyone can do! Just blob the paint on the canvas in random spots and blend! (would be interesting how students could make different pictures w/ the same colors and same blob positions)