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Historic Artifacts From the Oceanliners Magazine Collection
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a glass block with a violin etched on the front and sides, sitting next to a black box
A Celebrity Cruises concert souvenir bearing a chilling date
an old paper with two silver coins next to it on top of a white table
Lusitania Propaganda Medal
a white and blue clock with two clocks on it
Swedish American Line Bookmark
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of plastic with a ship etched on it
Transvaal Castle Pocketknife
a blue plate with a ship painted on the side and words pasteur written across it
Pasteur Glass Dish
Georgic Pocket Knife oceanlinersmagazine.com Stars, Knife, Pocket, Money Clip, Wallet, Star, Clip
Georgic Pocket Knife oceanlinersmagazine.com
a ticket for the round line troop deck section 5 is displayed on a white surface
Cunard Line World War I Mess Ticket oceanlinersmagazine.com
an open box with a compass inside sitting on a table next to a white surface
Queen Mary Butterfly Ashtray
a close up of a sign with the word'fragile'in red on it
Titanic Coal
the carnival cruise line's mardi gras logo is displayed on an orange, white and blue coaster
Mardi Gras Glass Dish
Moran Tugboat Tie Clasp
Moran Tugboat Tie Clasp
an old silver pocket watch on a white surface
Imperator Ritz Carlton Pocket Ashtray
a plate with a painting of a ship in the ocean on it's side
Caronia (1949) Plastic Dish
an old knife with a stick sticking out of it's blade on a white surface
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria Pocketknife
an antique spoon with a silver handle on a blue background
Caledonia (1905) Spoon