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a painting of trees and flowers on a black background
Whimsical forest
a painting of a castle with trees and birds in the night sky, on a black background
a painting of a castle surrounded by trees
Whimsical castle
a painting of a bird with a crown on it's head flying through the sky
Сирин, Алконост, Гамаюн
Сирин, Алконост, Гамаюн | ВКонтакте
a paper doll with flowers in her hair
a painting of houses and farm animals on a hill
Ravens Bend Folk Art
countryside in the winter
a painting of colorful houses in the snow
9 10 Pm Greeting Card by Karla Gerard
a painting of a farm scene with horses and barns
'Chapel In The Snow' by Mary Charles
a painting of houses in winter with snow on the ground and people walking down the street