Removing writing from containers!  Love recycling containers.  Great idea!

How to remove all writing off plastic containers to then use as storage or gift containers! Use pure acetone (by finger nail polish remover). Let sit five minutes with saturated rag, wipe off.

Use Elmer's glue and food coloring painted on clean dry glass = seaglass effect!

elmers glue and food color !Sea Glass Candlesticks-Elmer's Epic FAIL: Glue + food coloring painted on old glass candlesticks = 'seaglass' stained candlesticks! Where I live, GLUE = BUGS and Brush Marks. Wonder how they did it for the picture?

t-shirt headbands

5 strand braided headbands using old T-shirts! I always have old T-shirts in my sewing room closet. Love this idea.

Step by step instructions for making a woven paper basket...

DIY Crafts tutorial for making a woven paper basket. I'm about ready for basket weaving:-/

baby hats

Upcycle sweater to make a baby cap or really cute beanies for mom! Heck the sweaters big enough you could do mommy/baby hats.

Day 6 @createstuff - I recycled tissue rolls as pencil, pen and paint brush holders! Now I can get more stuff to put in it!

With a little space for my art supplies, this idea is awesome! Recycled tissue rolls as pencil, pen and paint brush holders. such a great idea for the craft room and the earth as well !

plastic and metal lids - for up-cycling art projects!

Stacked lids, bottle tops and caps. Fun for kids, but would also make great garden art! I'd think the trick for doing this project is to collect as much different color, shape & size of lid/caps as possible before start putting them together.

Tutorial on recycling t-shirts into yarn

T-Shirt Yarn - How to Make

Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn and a crochet patter for making a drawstring bag

magazine pos/neg space


use colorful strips from a magazine page and glue them side by side on a paper. Then cut out a design to lay on top of the magazine strips. great for learning positive and negative space also.


This looks like a fun group project and after Earth Day kids could make sure all the plastic is recycled