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Fizz, Boom, Read

Children's 2014 Summer Program and Reading List 2014. Fizz, Boom, Read! June 7 to August 9.

Fizz, Boom, Read

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Summer Presenters: Radio Disney Orlando will help get the party started this summer with fun, interactive events for the entire family with the Road Crew at the library. Bring the whole family for music, games, prizes and more! Ages 6-12. Please call 407.835.7323 to register in advance. calendar.ocls.inf...

Summer Presenters: Zoo Mom Science. Lizards, snakes and bugs, oh my! Are they really as scary as they seem? Learning comes alive with animals from Zoo Mom Science. Ages 6-12. Seating is limited for some events. Please call 407.835.7323 for information. calendar.ocls.inf...

Summer Presenters: Meet a real-life alligator wrangler from Gatorland. Get up close and personal with snakes and gators and learn all about these amazing creatures. Ages 6-12. calendar.ocls.inf...

Summer Presenters: Jiggleman - Get ready to laugh out loud and be amazed by the jumping, joking, juggling, JiggleMan! Ages 6-12. Seating is limited for some events. Please call 407.835.7323 to register in advance. calendar.ocls.inf...

Summer Presenters: Reading with Ronald McDonald! Join us at an Orange County Library Branch near you: calendar.ocls.inf...

Summer Presenter Pianist Yehaa! Bob visits a local Orange County library branch near you (June - August): calendar.ocls.inf...

July 29, 11am at Orlando Public Library: Orlando K-9 Police Unit; Get a glimpse of a dog's life and meet a special furry friend from the Orlando Police K–9 unit. Ages 6-12. Seating is limited for some events. Please call 407.835.7323 to register in advance.

Professor Templeton has been hired by the Thespian Academy of the Performing Arts and Sciences to invent something—anything—important (and profitable), but the 13-year-old twins, Abigail and John, are suspicious and determined to investigate. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

Earning money to help his family at the beginning of the 20th century, 10-year-old newsboy Leo explores the hilly city's bustling business world and modern innovations before a massive earthquake and decimating fire change everything he has ever known. By the author of Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree. Original. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

When Denny solves a perplexing math problem he and his sister are transported to Gossamyr, a magical land where math is key and Denny wields extraordinary power. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

An account of the work of volcanologists Andy Lockhart, John Pallister, and their team describes their life-risking efforts to investigate dangerous volcanoes that pose threats to more than one billion people worldwide. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

Describes the work and observations of American scientist Caitlin O'Connell during her studies of the African elephant in Etosha National Park in Nambia. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

Anyone can be involved in gathering data for ongoing, actual scientific studies such as the Audubon Bird Count and FrogWatch USA, and this book, which is full of engaging photos and useful tips, will show readers how. Simultaneous. Grades 6 & Up. Book:

What in nature could be more poetic than the hunt for food and the struggle for survival? In twenty-nine poems readers will squirm at the realities of how the animal world catches food, eats it, and becomes dinner in turn. Gross, cool, and extremely funny. Grades 3-5. Book:

Gives instructions on how to perform one hundred science experiments using ordinary materials, including how to grow crystals, make electrical circuits, and create foaming monsters. Spanish. Grades 3-5. Book:

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Did you know that President Thomas Jefferson used a copier? Or that one of the world's fastest computers is the size of a two-story house? Get ready to learn the strange stories behind technology inventions you use every day. From the teenager who first imagined the television to a $900 smartphone named Simon, you'll find out how we got the technological wonders that help us connect, create, and keep up. Grades 3-5. Book:

Documents the true story of the nature pioneer and activist who after becoming the first woman to earn a science degree from the University of California took a teaching position in the desert region of San Diego and single-handedly launched a movement to transform the area with trees and gardens. Grades 3-5. Book:

A latest entry in the series that includes Neo Leo and Now & Ben shares a portrait of the inventor famed for such innovations as the incandescent lightbulb, batteries and movie cameras, exploring his life-changing achievements and perseverance in the face of numerous failures. Grades 3-5. Books:

When Roan's application to pilot school is rejected, he finds he has been invited to study under Master Yoda at the Jedi Academy. Grades 3-5. Book:

A collection of poems about trees. Grades 3-5. Book:

Depicts robotic inventions designed by a Scottish recluse and described in sketchbooks recently found in her abandoned castle. Book: Grades 3-5.

Introduces symbiotic relationships in the animal world, revealing the connections between such animals as crabs and iguanas, coyotes and badgers, and ravens and wolves. Grades 3-5. Book:

A follow-up to the award-winning Redwoods finds a little girl transported by a mysterious library book into an undersea city of coral reefs, where she is surrounded by wondrous plants and animals. Grades 3-5. Book: