Puddle jumping. Love the shadow.

The reflection is taken at a good angle because we can see enough of the rain boots. The rest of the person we dont need to fully see, the reflection is good enough for the viewer

lovelyandnaughty: Time out for beautiful lights! Saw these in the show... Shame they dont fit in my house

Instant Download - Digital Collage - Vintage Maps - 40 piece collection


Photography inspiration

The solitude almost scares me. Underwater photography - Enric Adrian Gener relationship with the ocean ( environment)

A Hospitable Place by ZoeyTaylor.......hair.

Black Bob hair, hairstyles & haircuts & bowlcuts that are the blackest of black (and occasionally other colours!) Take the tags with a pinch of salt, I'm not a fashion/film historian or anything I just like the haircut haha.

No-Churn Nutella Ice Cream

no-churn nutella ice cream with sesame brittle . (make own with hazelnuts and cocoa )

Saturday 7 August 2010: Day 138 by TheTenthLifeguard, via Flickr

"What's the deal with all this water?" "I believe this is what is called a swimming pool." "Do swimming pools encompass entire rooms and flood buildings?" "Do you really have to use words like 'encompass'?