DIY fire pit.

DIY Firepit in a weekend - Loving the Firepit idea.we used to steam oysters during football season in the backyard at Hartwell.

laundry room with access to master bedroom closet...genius!

A laundry room next to the master bedroom. The hamper goes into the master closet, and pulls out into the laundry room. Separate shelves for folded clean laundry. This would also work really well in a hall closet opening up to the laundry room.

"I've got something better"

disappointments are just God’s way of saying, I’ve got something better. so be patient, have faith and live your life

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Outdoor kitchen design has certainly become one of the hottest items in home building in the last few years. Boost the beauty of your backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen design. Create a casual space to grill with family and friends.

Social #Chess by coneill89.

Social #Chess by coneill89.