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Bracelet bresilien montre
Bracelet bresilien montre
Deep Winter color palette- possibly Joe, Lizzy and both Davids
Здравствуйте, дорогие=) Чтобы вы без меня не скучали - сегодня вам мини- подарок. Помните, я давала ссылки на сайт, где…
Deep Winter Palette More
Cool and Brilliant Deep Winter is what I am - there's two other Winters to choose from: Cool has similar, but less intense colors, while Clear seems a tad "warmer". Use the other link from this site I pinned if you're not a Winter, then click your season to get your best colors
dark winter | This looks like the 12-tone fan. Much easier to look at. According to Shryh I'm a deep winter. YASSSSSS I LIKE THESE COLORS!!