Colored wedding dress inspiration

Wedding gowns in all the colors of the rainbow -- including rainbow!

Colored wedding dress inspiration

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Hey. I'm Leah. I want you to cry over the beauty of your photos. I think photography is about more than what you see directly in front of your face. It's balance between science and magic, or the intellect and the heart. Great photography captures ideas, feelings, and stories. And I like the sort of epic photos or experiences in making those photos that you sit around the fire and tell stories about.

L Hewitt Photography on Offbeat Bride

GORGEOUS red wedding dress ... and love the groom's coordinating red jacket!

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry on Offbeat Bride

Elaborate neckline for Jessica Rabbit wedding dress

This Jessica Rabbit bridal look made our jaws drop

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos on Offbeat Bride

12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos

Lindy Bop Dresses

Lindy Bop Retro Dresses on Offbeat Bride

Oh my... I think this it! The dress. The reason I started this board was to find the perfect ball gown I was picturing in my head. Corseted, tulle, black... This is it!!!!!

Chantal Mallett Bridal Couture on Offbeat Bride
  • Jenny

    This is the only wedding dress that has made me envious since buying my own dress, and I watch SYTTD religiously so ♥

gorgeous charcoal wedding dress

Wedding Dress Fantasy on Offbeat Bride

Black wedding dress

Beth & Cory's artsy, nerdy, and elegant museum wedding | @offbeatbride

Jessica Rabbit styled bridal shoot

This Jessica Rabbit bridal look made our jaws drop

Black and dramatic!

Dianna DiNoble, Starkers Corsetry - Offbeat Vendors

The blue wedding dress MY GOD.

A Scotland wedding with an electric blue gown and a sword fight | @offbeatbride

What a fantabulous idea! Outright amazing colorful paint brushes as a bouquet. Very unique!

Chelsea & Jesse's The Big Lebowski-themed wedding | @offbeatbride
  • Vinni Burnett
    Vinni Burnett

    Lol I wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of that bouquet toss! With my luck, is catch it right in the face

This green print wedding dress is beyond amazing

Chelsea & Jesse's The Big Lebowski-themed wedding

Emerald green wedding dress spinning on the dance floor!

Just letting the world see this awesome green tea-length wedding dress

What is it about red hair and green dresses that is just so delicious? When I saw Clare's emerald-green, tea-length wedding dress, I wanted to know aaaalll the details. She and Ian got married in T...

Just letting the world see this awesome green tea-length wedding dress

Wai-Ching dresses are so dreamy that I sometimes forget they're FOR REAL, so I was all a-flutter when I saw them in real life, all lined up, in the prettiest raw silk rainbow I've ever seen. These ...

Real brides give us the low-down on getting their dream Wai-Ching wedding dress

This backyard, front yard, and even driveway wedding is unlike any at-home wedding we've seen. The home is gorgeous, the fashion is impeccable, and the flower grandma made our heart asplode. Don't ...

You haven't seen a backyard wedding until you've seen Simone & Andrew's fairy-lit wedding
  • Dee McKee
    Dee McKee

    yep-that looked cool!


Karen & Frank's elven fairytale wedding

Great gallery of black wedding gowns

20 black wedding dresses show you what macabre elegance looks like

13 wedding dresses under $100 | Offbeat Bride

13 wedding dresses under $100

A black Vera Wang wedding dress with black studded heels

Beth & Cory's artsy, nerdy, and elegant museum wedding

Now THAT'S a dream dress. Royal blue wedding gown.

KMKDesigns | Offbeat Vendors

That green wedding dress!

Megan & Marshall's intimate, gothic, and spooky wedding

Loving this nontraditional dress!

Elizabeth & James' woodland Victorian fantasy wedding

THAT DRESS. Photo by Blushing Bride Studio (Elizabeth Delage and James Rosen)

Sequined wedding dress + brightly colored bouquet = happy eyes
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    Classic Wedding Invitations