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Lol everyone can relate in some way. Also sometimes as in this post friends=enemies. Because high school.

Oh my word everyone of these are true about me! Especially the one of me with my crush! Gosh that's true! :D<< haha really! I am more like super hipper and scare my crush away forever I try so hard to be calm but I cant! such a hard life. D:

16 Perfect Snapshots Of The American Schooling System

16 Perfect Snapshots Of The American Schooling System. This made me laugh a lot harder than I expected :-) I'm still crying!

When they learned about taking constructive criticism on board. | 21 Times Tumblr Totally Knew What You Were Going Through At School

My teacher glared at them and said, "Could you try to be a little more mature?" One of them screamed, "TAXES," and punched the other kid in the face.

Haha my mom would kill me if I did this.

Funny pictures about Evolution of a high school student. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of a high school student. Also, Evolution of a high school student photos.

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"On the second week of Christmas my teachers gave to me: 5 all nighters, 4 hours of crying, 3 mental breakdowns, 2 thoughts of dropout, and a month of anxiety." Funny parody of the 12 days of Christmas!

A great way to teach the kids to draw and keep them entertained whilst you are studying. #usq #ideasforthekids #studytime

How to Draw a Horse. This is a tutorial on how to draw three different kinds of horses. So grab some paper, a pencil, some colored pencils, and let's get started! Draw a big circle with a cross inside.