Classic Christmas

The classic motifs of Christmastime come to life in PANDORA's holiday collection. The traditional Christmas charms are joyful additions to any collection and perfect gifts under the Christmas tree.

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Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas

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We love Annabelle's style - here in black lace dress for Christmas wearing PANDORA jewelry #PANDORA #Christmas #vivaluxury

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Getting ready for a festive night #PANDORAbracelet #Christmaspresent #Gift #Perfectwrapping by blogger Vivaluxury

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  • Freya Ware
    Freya Ware

    Love your jewellery especially the rings!!!! Xx

  • David Hayman Jewellers
    David Hayman Jewellers

    Those rings are gorgeous!

The perfect gift wrapping of a small perfect gift #surprise #PANDORA #gift on my #wishlist

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Hidden surprise on the tree - find your #PANDORAring as part of the decoration, smartly hidden as a small treat for that wonderful woman in your life #ChristmasTree #Decorations #PANDORAloves

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Perfectly red accessories and christmas must haves #PANDORAmagazine

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Find a charm that commemorate your Christmas story and read some of our fans best Christmas traditions #PANDORAmagazine #PANDORAloves

PANDORA | Story from our readers

Waiting for the holidays, or just the cookies... read how people celebrate Christmas around the world. You have never heard about these traditions before! #PANDORAmagazine #bestchristmascookies #traditions #aroundtheworld

PANDORA | Waiting for the holidays

Mistletoe and golden tones for our Christmas decorations - see more inspiration in the PANDORA magazine #PANDORAessencecollection #PANDORAring

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Meet PANDORA's jolly Santa. With his pleasant roundness and cheerful appearance, the chubby little Santa illustrates the joy of giving and the spirit of season. #PANDORAcharm #Christmas

PANDORA | Jolly santa, red & white enamel

Christmas stockings ready to be filled with gifts and goodies. #PANDORAloves #SaintNicholas

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Amazing gingerbread house. #DIY #PANDORAloves #Christmas

More minis please...

PANDORA's popular teddy bear charm is given a whimsical touch with new seasonally appropriate headgear. :) #PANDORAcharm #Christmas

PANDORA | Christmas bear, red & green enamel
  • Ashley

    I just got this cute little bear for Christmas! It was the perfect gift! ☺️


    You are very lucky, Ashley. It sure is a cutie. :) Best, Anita

Easy DIY popsicle sticks gift tags. #PANDORAloves

A Little Hut - Patricia Zapata: gift tag no. 3 - popsicle sticks

Wrapping idea: Use holly, ivy or cinnamon sticks. Perfect for Christmas! #gift #present #PANDORAloves

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  • Tracy Thomas
    Tracy Thomas

    Maybe in my next life!!! I need more time!

Go gold when wrapping gifts. #PANDORAloves

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Easy gift wrapping - use a Christmas sack. #PANDORAloves

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Great decorations for the holiday in Charleston #PANODRAloves

Helen Rice's Guide to Charleston, S.C.

Be playful with the PANDORA bangle bracelets. #PANDORAbracelet #ChristmasCollection

PANDORA | Bangle
  • Jeanette Robinson-Smith
    Jeanette Robinson-Smith

    I love this bracelet and I need to add it to my Christmas collection

#PANDORAloves Christmas Cupcakes #Noël #Christmas #Jul #Weihnachten #Navidad #Natale #Christmas

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#PANDORAloves DIY tiny small gingerbread houses #cookies

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  • Veronika Abrams
    Veronika Abrams

    I would never have the patience to make something like this, but they are so adorable :)

#PANDORAloves decorations for Christmas... Maybe even large ornaments outside on a tree #red #winter

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PANDORA carousel charm. Reminds you of the joy of the holiday season. $60 #PANDORAcharm

PANDORA | Carousel

Don't forget the gingerbread man for the perfect Christmas #PANDORAcharm

PANDORA | Gingerbread man, golden enamel

A classic pinecone for the decorations #PANDORAcharm

PANDORA | Pinecone, red enamel
  • Judy Flewharty
    Judy Flewharty

    I love this charm. It's just my style.

  • Jenny Delandro
    Jenny Delandro

    I received this for Christmas 2013 from my daughter

Berry Christmas and all winter long! #PANDORAloves

my french country home