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    A PETA approved collection of animal-friendly merch, DIY projects, vegan recipes, cruelty-free fashion & beauty products, holiday ideas, and more!

    All that this high school student has done for animals is truly inspiring! You won't believe how he got a veggie burger added to his cafeteria's menu. :) #Teachers #Students #Vegan #AnimalRights #HumaneEducation

    This Valentine's Day, have your students extend their love and compassion to Tilikum—an orca imprisoned by ‪#‎SeaWorld‬ for more than 21 years. #Teachers #Students #Education #Animals #Animal #Rights #Valentines #Day

    Why classroom "pets" are a bad idea: SHARE with fellow staff! #Teachers #Students #Animals #AnimalRights #Education

    Make the #TacoCleanse vegan with these delicious vegan taco recipes. Make your tacos vegan to cut out cholesterol and cruelty. Instead of beef or chicken, try substituting jackfruit, tempeh, or vegan meats from Beyond Meat for delicious vegan tacos! #vegan #TacoTuesday #Recipes Photo Credit: Vegan Richa, Forks Over Knives

    Stay warm and fashionable this winter with a luxurious second skin of fur. Complete the 'second skin' look with leather accents and an oversized snake skin belt with a sterling silver buckle. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #FashionWeek #Trend #Winter #Fur #FurCoat fervent-adepte-de-la-mode via Visual Hunt / CC BY 2.0 (

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of a down jacket in the winter. Layer your look with silver accent pieces and tie it all together with a black clutch. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #FashionWeek #Down #DownJacket

    Animals are thinking, feeling beings—NOT objects. Make sure your students' language reflects that with our fun classroom "it" jar activity: :) #HumaneEducation #Classroom #Activity #Animals #AnimalRights

    This student in Florida loved having Ellie the mechanical elephant come to her school and speak about why animals DON’T belong in circuses. :) Meet Ellie: #HumaneEducation #BoycottTheCircus #Teachers #Students #AnimalRights #Elephants #TeachKindness

    Kids can be effective voices for the voiceless, a fact discovered by 34-year veteran animal activist, wildlife rehabilitator, humane educator, author, and Animal Hero Kids Inc. founder Susan Hargreaves. Her heartwarming stories of children and teens who have gone above and beyond to help animals in need are astounding. ♥

    You're proud that you've gone vegan, and you should be. Now, thanks to this stylish and cozy hoodie and beanie, you can share that good feeling with the whole world. The extra-large lettering leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that you believe in treating animals, the planet, and your own health with all the respect that they deserve. #Vegan #Winter #CrueltyFree

    Chocolate fixes everything. It makes a date more romantic, a trip to the gym worth it, and a bad day better. And now chocolate can even save animals' lives. All the profits from this special-edition dark chocolate bar go directly toward supporting PETA's lifesaving work for animals. So go ahead—take a bite out of cruelty. #Chocolate #CrueltyFree #Vegan

    Treat your significant other this year with PETA's Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Box from the PETA Catalog ♥

    Tell the world that no one wants a fur trim jacket from Canada Goose. Get the scarf from the #PETAcatalog that reminds them that #FurIsDead!

    Punk-rock is back for FW16/17 with leather minis, worn out tights, and the flicker of some silver. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #FashionWeek #Trend #Winter #Fur #FurCoat #FoxFur Photo credit: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode via VisualHunt / CC BY 2.0 (

    Children are naturally compassionate to animals. You can help instill that kindness by teaching humane education. Get inspired today: #Teachers #HumaneEducation #Kindness #Compassion #Kids #AnimalRights

    When looking to fashion trends for fall/winter 2016-2017, remember that it is never fashionable to wear animals killed for fur. Find tips on how to wear stylish, comfortable, and warm vegan clothing and vegan accessories, check out PETA's "How to Wear Vegan" Guide. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #WinterClothing #WinterCoats #Fur #FauxFur #VeganFashion Photo credit: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode via Visual Hunt / CC BY 2.0 (

    A second skin to make your own skin jealous. Fashion trend and style from fall/winter 2016-2017. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #FashionWeek #Trend #Winter #Fur #FurCoat #FoxFur Photo credit: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode via Visualhunt / CC BY 2.0 ( ( ( (

    Need tips for winter fashion? The theme of the season is to keep it lightweight and layer up. Check out our guide on how to wear and put together accessories in an easy, stylish and fashionable way. Lots of trendy and high-fashion ideas in our 'What to Wear' guide. #NYFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #Fashion #FashionWeek #Trend #Winter #Wool

    It's the first of the month! Don't forget to update your TeachKind desktop calendar to stay inspired to teach kindness to animals. #Teachers #Animals #TeachKindess #HumaneEducation #Vegan #AnimalRights #Wallpaper #Calendar

    Is there anything kids love more than cookies? How about cookies stuffed INSIDE cookies? WOW your students with these cruelty-free treats the next time snack time comes around! #Teachers #Vegan #CrueltyFree #Snack #Classroom

    Look good and help animals in our new black on grey unisex t-shirt featuring a famous quote from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk: "When it comes to feelings like hunger, pain, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." Now available in the PETA Catalog!

    Supporting #Fur=Supporting Murder. Remind the world that animals are #NotOurs2Wear. T-shirt now available in the #PETA catalog ♥

    Treat your valentine with these 'Chocolate to the Rescue' vegan chocolate bars. They come in three flavors and are available on the PETA Catalog!

    Share the love this Valentine's Day with these temporary tattoo's from the PETA Catalog. Each tattoo is a valentine in itself, featuring "to" and "from" fields on the back, and comes with a heartwarmingly red custom envelope. Designs read, "CRUELTY-FREE CUTIE," "MAY ALL HEARTS BE FREE," and "LOVE ALL ANIMALS" ♥

    If you're looking for a beautiful valentines day gift idea for the animal lover in your life, check out PETA's bunny necklace made from recycled aluminum from the PETA Catalog! ♥

    Teach your students that animals are NOT ours to wear with our FREE lesson plan! #CrueltyFree #Teachers #TeachKindness #Vegan

    Newsflash: Animals don’t exist for us. They’re not here for our amusement or for us to force into captivity so we can gawk at them behind bars or through a tank. They exist for their own purposes—and just like us, they want to be free and make their own choices. Tell the world with this bold new tee from peta2: Animals are #NotOurs. ♥

    Why not call a spade a spade? If you think it’s wrong to take orcas, dolphins, and other marine animals from the ocean, confine them to tiny tanks, and make money off of their misery, then this T-shirt is for you. Spread the message to your friends and family that SeaWorld SUCKS with this bold graphic t-shirt from The PETA Catalog.

    Wear your heart on your sleeve … er, around your neck … with this charming engraved pendant. The gold-filled chain is easy on sensitive skin, just as vegans are easy on sensitive animals. These necklaces are the perfect Valentine's day gift for the vegan in your life!! ♥

    These unique orca and elephant pillows from Portland Oregon-based artist Kara Burke won't mind being in "captivity" to serve as a perfect reminder that their living counterparts deserve to be with their families in nature.

    Treat your significant other this year with PETA's Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Box from the PETA Catalog ♥

    Stay inspired to teach humane-education all year long with TeachKind's FREE 2016 desktop calendars for teachers! ♥ #HumaneEducation #TeachKindness #Calendars #Wallpapers #Teachers #Animals

    Order vegan pizza from one of these 37 pizza places with vegan options for your next classroom pizza party! ♥ #CrueltyFree #Classroom #Vegan #Teachers #ClassPartyIdeas

    We LOVE the pro-adoption message included in this recently-discovered #DrSeuss book, What Pet Should I Get? Share it with your students!

    Temperatures are dropping and countless dogs are chained outdoors, in need of protection. Raise money for them with our FREE, easy-to-use fundraiser. Order your pack here: #fundraisers #classroom #helpinganimals

    TeachKind is making tons of progress for the millions of animals used in archaic and cruel teaching exercises and help spread the word about the many benefits of virtual-dissection software and other humane alternatives to animal dissection—and we’ve even been able to help some schools transition to completely non-animal teaching methods! Check out our awesome highlights and find out how to make your school dissection-free. #dissection #humaneeducation

    Keep warm with the Drink Lattes, Save Animals, and Take Naps Long-Sleeve T-Shirt from the PETA catalog.

    Keep warm this winter and make a statement with your morning coffee in the PETA Mission Statement Ceramic Mug from the PETA Catalog.

    Complete the perfect #CrueltyFree look with this #PETA statement scarf. Scarf available in the PETA catalog. #VeganFashion

    Start a conversation & change minds, get the tee that will give you the opportunity to share your reasons for being vegan. ️Now available in the #PETA catalog. #NeverBeSilent

    New to the vegan club? Show the world what vegans look like with the #PETA vegan hoodie! Now available in the PETA catalog #WhatVegansWear

    Want to spread some holiday cheer in your classroom during these last school days before Winter break? Click below for super-easy and compassionate ways to be festive. #holidays #teachers #animalrights #humaneeducation #kindness

    Say NO to aquariums and marine parks, but say YES to these adorable DIY ocean animal suncatchers made from coffee filters! This is a fun and creative way to teach students about amazing animals of the ocean.

    Let your lips celebrate this season with #vegan lip balms. They come in 3 lip-smacking flavors: "Soy To the World" Soy Nog, “Happy Howlidays” Candy Cane, "Santa Paws Cider" Apple Cider. If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the vegan in your life, look no further! ♥ Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Candelilla Wax, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Essential and/or Flavor Oil.

    Chocolate is the perfect gift; it fixes everything. It makes a date more romantic, a trip to the gym worth it, and a bad day better. And now chocolate can even save animals' lives. All the profits from this special-edition dark chocolate bar go directly toward supporting PETA's lifesaving work for animals. So go ahead—take a bite out of cruelty ♥.

    This reusable coffee cup is perfect for your soy-, almond-, or coconut milk–infused latte and festive enough for anyone's taste, and it reminds everyone to ditch dairy foods this holiday season. Soy to the world! #Govegan #DairyFree

    Help spread the animal rights message to family and friends this year with the Liberate Animals Resolution Bracelet. #Vegan #AnimalLiberation