Peter A

"My background is in computing, science and mathematics with a continuous interest in the visual arts, especially sculpture. It has become clear to me that much…
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a metal sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table
"Tre-foil tre-mobius" Aluminium sheet, nuts and bolts
two metal objects sitting on top of a white table next to each other and one is made out of wire
"Tre-foil tube" Copper tube and string
a large wooden object with a glass dome on it's top sitting on a white pedestal
"Chemo forest of hope" Artist’s beard and hair, hair lacquer, glass vitrine
a group of people are standing in a room with artwork on the wall and floor
"Infinite borromean squares" Plywood, nuts and bolts
a man standing next to a wooden sculpture in a room filled with white cupboards
Infinite Borromean Squares
a chain that is laying on the ground
Chain Not Knot
the hose is connected to the fire hydrant on the sidewalk
Identical Twins - beginning
a metal sculpture in the grass near bushes
Identical Twin 2
a garden hose laying in the grass
Identical Twin 1
a green hose is laying on the ground
Identical Twins flat knot
a bunch of copper wires are hanging on the wall in an art gallery or studio
Not Knot in a knot
an orange knot on a black background
Not Knot