Tim Senecal - Quoth the Raven #tattoo

Quoth the Raven by Tim Senecal - Got to do this sweet raven skull on a friend who wanted to pay tribute to her literary hero.

Tim Senecal - sunflower foot memorial tattoo #tattoo

Wonderful looking sunflower bouquet tattoo. The sunflowers are shown to be seemingly cut off from the frame of the skin to show that they are bundled altogether which makes an adorable effect on the tattoo design.

Tim Senecal - sugar skull foot tattoo #tattoo

sugar skull foot tattoo by Tim Senecal - I did this sugar skull foot tattoo on a nice gal from Philly.

Tim Senecal - Brians Bee #tattoo

Brian's Bee by Tim Senecal - I did this swank bee and rose tattoo on Brian @ Hell City tattoo fest last year.

Tim Senecal - traditionalish roses #tattoo

Old school traditional roses purple orange tattoo by Tim Senecal of Easthampton, MA I love this! Purple and Blue though.

Tim Senecal - Hellllllllllooooooo Nurse #tattoo

Hellllllllllooooooo Nurse by Tim Senecal - My take on the classic nurse pinup. We threw this on with sharpies and went to town.