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The Beatles Art Print

Image design-Kayla Lake This is a design on website. it is purchasable and is of the beatles also.

The Beatles♥♥.

The Beatles♥♥. I liked Elvis better but they were good. (My sister liked Elvis better but The Beatles stole my heart)

Hello everyone! I want to say thank you to all of my followers! I appreciate it! :) Also, I have started 3 Beatles group boards. If you are interested in contributing to them, please let me know in comment! Thanks! Peace and Love! :) ♥ -GeorgeAnne Harrison-Starkey (GeorgeHarrisonImInLoveWithYou)

The Beatles Lennon (Violeta) McCartney (Azul Claro) Harrison (Rosa Mexicano) Starr (Amarillo Mostasa).

A conceptual piece for the beatles brand, may get made, may not i shall wait and see! the Beatles

The Beatles, 1967, by photographer Richard Avedon, based on his B portraits. Originally produced for Stern and Look magazines. This is a poster set

O Cartaz: cronologia histórica resumida

The Beatles by Richard Avedon you can find the other two Avedon Beatle Portraits on my The Beatles & Beatle Art board. Check out Mofo's Portraits too!

George Harrison in Munich, 24 June 1966. Photo by Robert Whitaker. Scan from “Eight Days a Week” by Robert Whitaker and Marcus Hearn.

George Harrison Aawh little Georgie! My favourite Beatle! (And the best dressed Beatle too, in my opinion!