A Company Of Wolves
A Company Of Wolves
A Company Of Wolves

A Company Of Wolves

The pack - traces the contours of the desert and sutures 77-colored tribes with the call | a bleeding coagulation of lupine |aesthetic-prosthesis| lunacy that t

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New Prints for A Company of Wolves from Ivan Venkov, Giga Kobidze, Anette Sandberg, Cathy Chen, Julien Simshäuser & more...

Ivan Venkov LP + The Birth of Church Color Test Print

N O M A D — Currently available through MK.Ultra Salon $100 (http://salon.mkultra.ws/salon.php) "I'm convinced the Law of Octaves applies universally in every emergent organ/ism/ization (brain|homo sapiens|canis lupus). Our cartography is a special fold of semi-tones, a characteristic discontinuity, a geodesic landmark indicating to us where we are on the micro|macro-scale when the map is not the territory."

N O M A D — Currently available in MK.Ultra Salon for $100 (http://salon.mkultra.ws/salon.php) "There are elliptical experiences that simply return to the starting point, such as hunger+thirst+desire while others spiral ambition+nostalgia+longing. Lastly, there are things which are round but never make more than a full revolution, like consciousness+time+love."

Giga x AntiAnti for A Company of Wolves test prints...

New products shots of A Company of Wolves supplemental material packs (religio.medici by the holy figures David & Michael for AntiAnti, King's Folly by Ivan Venkov for AntiAnti & SACRED by Daniel Hathaway of Vanguard-Atelier for Kings Ransom) exclusively available in MK.Ultra Salon — http://salon.mkultra.ws/salon.php {$100.00 ea.}

The wolf’s eyes are directed to one side (they stick together).

big + bad — ofWLVS.co/nm.htm

"Janus" — We are constantly in and out of liminal spaces. We are in a fragmented reality without coordinates. We are the masters of critical points, structures, and singularities because we leave our bodies+parts in-between, in the vast indeterminacy of desire insulating the detonator of our will. (NOMAD x A Company of Wolves + cage by chromat)

A Co. of WLVS, is an ideal experience of art & design. The artists involved act as a symbol to represent the canis lupus migrations & travels throughout each territory across the globe. A visual field of tracks / wolf-line collectively & individually. We've created a dialogue with the historical + mystical battle of the wolf. The fear & pride; the monster in your view-finder, did our imagination create it, questions of if it was/is/continues an illusory matrix & the epic odyssey of our...