Baby Pigs/Mini Pigs and Teacup Pigs....So cute!

Baby Pigs/Mini Pigs and Teacup Pigs....So cute!

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I have always wanted one!

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Pig in Pajamas

Daily Squee: Pig in Pajamas

Pigs are able to play video games, are smarter than dogs, & even more intelligent than a 3 year old child! Pigs are DEFINITELY friends NOT food. Learn more about how smart pigs are here:

Top Ten Fascinating Facts About Pigs


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Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals who form strong bonds with other pigs. They are smarter than dogs and smarter than 3-year-old children—yes, that’s right, smarter than your little angel! It’s true! They are affectionate and playful and even like to play video games. Animals are Friends, Not Food.

New pigs on the block


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Animal Life on Twitter: "Piglets"

I love to play in the sprinklers in the summertime!

19 Incredibly Cute Photos of Mini Pig –


Chris P. Bacon, the piglet who couldn’t walk…

Pigs (:


Cool Pig!

Cute Tiny Pigs Micro Pictures : theBERRY

Two Pigs On A Blanket

Two Pigs On A Blanket
  • Tracy Hall
    Tracy Hall

    Love it.

so adorable!

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piggy :)

Impossible not to smile at this…
  • Michele Poteracki
    Michele Poteracki

    Oh my goodness little piglet, you are so precious and adorable !!!


Piggies being piggies…

I want a micro mini pig so bad! they are the cutest! Look at its little belly (ohmygoodness that is just soo cute)

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they said I needed a flipping cute is he! ;-)

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C'est Moi-Moments of Inspiration — Via:

oh my goodnesssss

ミニブタの仔 〜羊毛フェルト〜 - 一針不乱・一針入魂!! 〜SR・モンブラン 羊毛フェルト〜
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    Sarah Jenkins

    I love this


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  • Sarah Jenkins
    Sarah Jenkins

    I love this

Adorable. Tiny piglet, not huge strawberry

This Photo Will Change Your Life: Micro-Piglet Hugs a Strawberry
  • Edie Higgins
    Edie Higgins

    My 2 favorite things!

I can't even stand it!! :)

ミニブタの仔 〜羊毛フェルト〜 - 一針不乱・一針入魂!! 〜SR・モンブラン 羊毛フェルト〜 - Yahoo!ブログ

teacup pig. with a teacup.

Paper rejected, Cheer Up with Baby Animals