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~Bucket List Buns! :)

  • Stephanie Cmere
    Stephanie Cmere

    I cant find the recipe!! :(

  • Dawn Kinnaman
    Dawn Kinnaman

    Ditto, no recipe link

  • Judy Fairweather
    Judy Fairweather

    I agree and I even went to

~Pepsi Brownies..and a Pepsi GIVEAWAY! :)

~Pepsi Brownies! | Oh Bite It

'Just The Middles' Cinnamon Rolls! Because the middle is the BEST part! :)

“Just the middles”..Cinnamon Rolls! | Oh Bite It

Cinnamon Roll Baked Pear!

Cinnamon Roll Lace Cookies!

~Cinnamon Roll Lace Cookies! | Oh Bite It

YooHoo Brownies~

~YooHoo Brownies! | Oh Bite It

Rice Krispeep Treats! :)

Sweet Peeptato Pie! Top a Sweet Potato Pie with Peeps for the last 5 minutes in the oven..Mmm! :)

~Sweet Peeptato Pie! | Oh Bite It

Cinnamon Crust Apple Pies!

~Cinnamon Roll Crust~Apple Pies! | Oh Bite It

Nutter Butter S'mores..oh yeah!

Nutella Waffles!

~Nutella Waffles! | Oh Bite It

Bread Bowl Soup Sliders: These sliders are over-the-top fantastic, if for no other reason than because we get to eat soup without a fun is that?!

Jazz up your hot beverage with this whimsical way to add subtle flavors!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Waffles...why not?

Bacon Crusted Cheese & Cracker Ball..add a football game and you're set!

Butterfinger Granola..umm, yeah!

An entire blueberry pie a la mode that fits on your spoon! Portion control at its best!

A open-faced hoagie with crispy potato sking "buns"

Everything breakfast should one yummy grab-n-go bite!

Steak & Beer soup, hearty enough for a dude, yummy enough for a dudette!

A thick, soft & creamy way to enjoy Tootsie Rolls!

Cinnamon Rolls morphed into French Toast!

Pop Rocks "Sizzlin' Kisses".. for Valentine's Day!

~Sizzlin’ Kisses for your Valentine! | Oh Bite It