That Velvet Touch of Morning - Inspired Poetry by T. Johnson - That velvet touch of morning. skin alive though thoughts are still. the waking sun is warming some. and through the dark reveal.

The New York Grand Central Terminal - One of The Busiest Train Stations in the World: A Look Back The Station Through The Decades

The light makes the picture. Ray of light? Streams of light.

The Sun - source of heat, light and inspiration. Farmhouse Sun Beams, Austria by Andreas Resch on

Guess who went to bed and didn’t plug her cell phone in to recharge, first two guesses don’t count. Usually no big deal, however, in an efficient mode these past months, I’ve bee…

Bangor Cathedral window, the oldest cathedral in the UK circa 525 AD. The way the light projecting the images from the window was able to be recorded photographically is a fascinating scientific ability of photography